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air force 1

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Q: What is the best pair of shoes ever made?
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What was the first pair of shoes ever made?


What are the most expensive shoes ever made?

The most expensive pair of shoes ever made are by Stuart weitzman and they're 1.8 million dollars.

Are the first pair of Air Jordans ever made worth more or less if they are baby shoes?

no there not baby shoes

What were the first pair of shoes ever made?

gladiator sandals yeah, you are right, sandals.

What are air force ones?

Air Force Ones are one of the world's most popular Nike shoes and basketball shoes ever made. I also own a pair.

What is the best pair of aerosole shoes to buy for a woman friend?

There are plenty of pairs of Aerosole shoes to buy for a woman friend that are quality shoes, but the best pair would be the final exam slip-on loafers. These loafers are perfect for a woman to feel super comfortable. These are the best pair of shoes to buy for a woman friend.

Where can you get the best pair of jogging or running shoes?

you could most likely find the best pair of shoes at DSW, Nike, academy or even shoe carnival.

Are Usain bolt running shoes the best option?

Usain Bolt is a professional athlete, not a pair of shoes. He wears shoes that are made by Nike, which is considered to be one of the leaders in this type of product.

How can you tell how old a pair of Vans skate shoes are?

vans are the best skate shoes

Where are Sam and Libby shoes made?

I have a pair of Sam & Libby shoes, and on the inside it says "Made in China."

Are some Saucony shoes made in Indonesia?

Yes. I have a pair of Saucony progrid running shoes that are made in Indonesia.

How many miles can a pair of running shoes last?

It depends on how welll your shoes are made

What is the first pair of shoes Jordan ever played in?

The first ever shoes that were named after him were called Air Jordan but i dont know the first that he played in.

Where can I find a good pair of running shoes?

A good pair of running shoes can be found out Academy. they have a good sized selection of brands such as Nike and new balance. The shoes are made from pretty good man made materials.

What are the best shoes for mucking out stalls and cleaning the barn?

the best shoes to wear are an old pair of sneakers or rubber boots.

Where can I get the best running shoes?

The best shoes would be a pair with a good soul on them a thick one,but light weight at the same time.A leather pair are the best because your feet can get air through leather.Any where they sell Nike shoes would be your bestbet.Wal-mart,Best Buy,Zellers all sell Nike shoes.

How long does it take to produce a pair of nike shoes?

Because Nike shoes are now made in factories, it will take approximately one hour to produce one pair of Nike shoes. Before they were made in factories, they were hand-made in Taiwan and South Korea.

What is the best shoe brand for a pair of running shoes?


Who made the first pair of shoes with a left and right?


Who made the first pair of nike shoes?

Bill Bowerman

How do you sell custom shoes?

The best way to sell custom shoes is to make a pair. Once you make a pair you have to convince people to buy them and spread the word.

Can you give me a sentence with the word splurge?

I think I will splurge and get the best pair of shoes instead of a cheaper pair.

What trousers matches with purple shoes?

Purple suit will be best pair for purple shoes. It will be really awesome.

Where was the first pair of shoes made?

They were made long before there was writing, so there are no records.

6 things you can were on your feet?

-- a pair of tennis shoes -- a pair of dress shoes -- a pair of socks

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