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Q: What is the best number to put on a football jersey?
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How do you put on a football uniform?

The uniform jersey usually includes a football jersey, a vest, a short, a pair of socks a pair of boots, and a pair of shin guards for the outfield players. A football player can start with any order and conclude with the boots.

How do you get creases out of an NFL authentic jersey number?

Put a towel on your ironing board and then put jersey on top of towel and put another towel on the creased number. Then put iron on steam setting and iron until creases come out. Good Luck

Why did Chad Johnson change his name to Ochocinco?

Chad Johnson changed his name because his football number is 85 and he wanted to put his number in words above his number on his jersey. The person said no when he asked and the only exception was if he bought a million dollar jersey that had the number 85 and the words on top but he didn't want to buy it so he changed his name to Chad Ochocinco and therefore the words are above his jersey as he wished.

Why would New Jersey be a great place to put the next sports stadium?

New Jersey would be the best... I'd Love to have Snooki come to my games

How do you put your name and number on a soccer jersey?

get a marker and write the number and you name... thats VERY EASY... I recommend markers that can be used for clothes.........

How do you become a football player English?

Just practice hard and do your best,realy put your heart in it.

What is the best team for Fantasy Football?

You can't necessarily have a "best" team in fantasy football. Fantasy football is a game played where you draft players in the NFL and depending on what kind of stats they put up each week, you get certain points. Each week, different players put up different stats, so it is impossible to say what the best team would be.

How do you put on football gear?

I am a football player so I would know. First, Torso: put a comfortable shirt on. Put shoulder pads over, put jersey on over Pads. Helmet: Put a comfortably fitting helmet tighten it up. Now at last the lower body. Put tight underwear/boxers on put your cup under it. Put on your girdle. Put your pants over it. Socks, football cleetes, and there your good to go. need to purchase all this xo sports at 866.496.4327 they will hook you up! tell them WIKI sent you!

Are there numbers on football game shorts?

no there is only one place to put their number other than the butt

Who was the first football player that played for the Seattle Seahawks to put his number in his hair?

Brian Bosworth #55

Do dog pounds kill their dogs in New Jersey?

After a certain number of days or if it is to aggressive to get adopted they will humanly be put asleep.

How many football fields are there in America?

Every junior high school, high school, and college that plays interscholastic football has their own football field. That would put the number of football fields in America up into the thousands, probably the tens of thousands.

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