What is the best netball position?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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centre because you get to do the most or goal attack because you can run and shoot

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probably centre because you have to be almost everywhere to support your team while goal attack and goal shooter are really really hard if you are short like me!so ya cya!

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there is no best position as a fact but there is as a opinion your opinion

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Q: What is the best netball position?
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What is the name of the middle position in netball?

This position is named the centre.

What is the best position is netball centre or wing attack?

wing attack because if your center you have to be everywhere and it's harder.

Who is the most best netball team?

The best netball team is the swifts

What does the word position mean in netball?

Where you are standing like what position are u

What are netball bib?

netball bibs are something for you to wear so you can know what team you are in and what position you play

How many calories do youu burn in netball?

for a hour of netball 300 i think depending on what position you play

What position does Pamela Cookey play in netball?


What position is temepara clark in netball?

C, wa, wd

What position in netball does rebecca bulley play?

Rebecca Bulley plays the position of GD, GK

Why practice netball?

it is the best!

What is the best netball club in the blacktown council area?

Glenwood netball club

What is the best netball team in Australia?

The current ANZ Netball Championship best team in Australia are the NSW Swifts