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sorry, don't know

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Q: What is the best lacrosse team in upstate New York?
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Is Syracuse the best NCAA lacrosse team?

It is a very opinionated question. Although, in my opinion Syracuse is the best NCAA lacrosse team. But, has much competition with other Big East Schools.

Does the Onondaga tribe play lacrosse?

yes, there juco team is the best junior college lacrosse school in the country

What is john Hopkins best known for?

The University is best known for their men's lacrosse team

Is lacrosse considered a team sport?

Yes, lacrosse is a team sport.

What is john Hopkins known for?

The University is best known for their men's Lacrosse team

What is the name of the louisianna lacrosse team?

the name of the louisianna lacrosse team, is the " Loyola flyers".

Who is the best college lacrosse team?

Virginia, UNC, Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, Duke, and Cornell

Does Boston college have a lacrosse team?

Boston college does in fact have a girl's lacrosse team, but is lacking a men's.

Does china have a lacrosse team?


Why was lacrosse a good preparation for war?

Lacrosse is a team sport created by indigenous people of North America. This contact sports involves players wielding sticks strong with a loose mesh for catching and holding a ball. Players pass the ball to each other and, eventually, attempt to score by flinging the ball in the opposing team's net.

What is a benefit of playing lacrosse?

There are many benefits to playing lacrosse like developing team skills. Lacrosse can also increase your strength and keep you in shape. The best thing about lacrosse is how much fun it is. There are many reasons that people play and it really works out for a lot of people.

Are the New York Giants the best football team?

No. In 2012, the Giants were not the best team.