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Yes, Lacrosse is a team sport.

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Q: Is lacrosse considered a team sport?
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Related questions

What is Maryland's state sport?

Jousting is Maryland's State Individual Sport. Lacrosse is their team sport

Is Lacrosse a team sport?

Yes; lacrosse is played by two teams of 10 members each.

Do you play lacrosse alone?

No Lacrosse is a team sport, But you can throw a ball against a wall by yourself and then you would be alon

When was lacrosse first played as a sport?

were do lacrosse the sport come from ? were do lacrosse the sport come from ?

When was the first womens lacrosse team stared?

This became Canada's notions sport for womans lacrosse on July 1st 1867.

What is the oldest sport in the US?

Lacrosse is considered to be Americas first sport, brought by the North American Indians

What is the fastest team sport on two legs?

Lacrosse is most defiinitely the fastest.

What is the state sport of Maryland?

Jousting - Maryland's Individual Sport Lacrosse - Maryland's Team Sport No lie

Is lacrosse a pro sport?

lacrosse is a pro sport.

How you would persuade a friend to play lacrosse?

To perusade a friend to play lacrosse that has never heard of the sport is diffucult to do. If your on a team convince your coach to have a Party then invite your friend and show them how you play on your team

Is hockey or Lacrosse Canada's National sport?

Hockey is the national winter sport, and lacrosse is the national summer sport.

Will lacrosse ever become an Olympic sport?

lacrosse actually is an olympic sport as of now

Are lacrosse and field hockey major sports?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world after football (soccer) Lacrosse is a popular sport, most popular in North America where lacrosse is Canada's National Summer Sport, It has grown in popularity in the United States, becoming the fastest growing sport at the high school and NCAA levels.

What sport is Canada national sport?

Lacrosse referred to as simply "hockey", is Canada national sport. A fast paced game, lacrosse is played with a ball and a racquet, called a lacrosse "stick".

Do you have to wear a kilt in lacrosse?

A kilt is not a required article of clothing to wear when playing lacrosse. In the Mens game, team issued sport shorts and jerseys are worn. The Women wear team jerseys and either shorts or skirts in games.

What is fastest team sport in the world?

Hurling (Irish team sport) is considered to be the world's fastest field team sport in terms of game play.

A boy you like invited you to his lacrosse game but you don't know anything about lacrosse what do you do?

Lacrosse is a team sport, like ice-hockey but with a hard rubber ball instead of a flat rubber puck, and with running shoes instead of skates. The game's the same tho, so CHEER FOR YOUR GUY AND HIS TEAM!!

Is lacrosse a girls or boys sport?

Lacrosse is a boy and girl sport but is played differently for each gender

What is the importance of lacrosse?

lacrosse is the best sport ever and it takes a real guy to play it. lacrosse is the best sport ever and it takes a real guy to play it.

Is lacrosse a world wide sport?

Yes lacrosse is a world wide sport it played in japan as well as Australia

What is the description of a Lacrosse player?

someone who plays the sport of lacrosse

Should boy's and girl's play on the same sport team?

If it is a contact sport, then no. Sports like basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc. require different genders to play separately.

What is canadas national sport?

lacrosse is our national sport even though we play hockey more. But after 1994 hockey became our witer national sport and lacrosse our summer national sport

What type of sport is bowling?

It is considered an individual sport and a team sport. One might also classify bowling as an indoor sport.

Lacrosse is a sport that orginated in what country?

Lacrosse was started by the Cherokee Indians.

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