What is the best kids snowboard?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Burton, for the begginers
It depends on what you like to do, and how much money your willing to spend. If you have loads of money, you can really hook yourself up, but some brands also offer lower priced boards without some of the "unnecessary" add-ons. I recommend talking with someone who works at your local ride shop. Not a big store like Wal-Mart.

People at your local shop want you to have fun (usually) on the mountain, and are not as worried about making the sale. Just go in and get a convo started and start telling 'em what you like to do. Tell them your price range is and they should hook you up.

Truth is, asking onlie is a bit like asking people what their favorite food is, it depends on the person, not the board.

Terminoligy, ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE! This is for people who don't really snowboard but want to know what some basic stuff is.

1. Freeride Basically doing backcountry, powder, steeps.

/\ DIFFERENT! You can get an all mountain which is not specific and okay for both \/

2. Freestyle Parks, jumps, jibs(spinning on the board while its on the ground)

Ride and Burton make some of the best boards for intermediate/advanced/expert boarders. If u are just beginning it wouldn't hurt to get a cheaper board. You wont really know the difference. They also make pricy but high quality bindings
Most would say the mega company Burton Snowboards, which is the world's largest manufacturer of these bad boys. A link can be found below if you want it. It depends alot on what you want to do with it. I mean, obviously you want to snowboard on it, but I'm talking Park vs. Freestyle, and taking it up to a higher level in the mountains vs. keeping it real on your local hill.
Burton is probably the biggest / best brand in Snowboarding

No, Burton may be big, but it doesn't beat the high quality and kindness of Lib Tech, Lib tech skate banana is the best board out there, ride one then think of going to Burton, once you ride a skate banana you'll never go back to anything. Plus if you are not satisfied with lib tech's board, if it's not what you thought or doesn't have the right qualities, they will send you a new one plus and extra for FREE!
This more of an opinion but i prefer a Burton or a K2
a lot is personal preference, but GNU and Lib tech are companies of Mervin Manufacturing and they pioneered banana technology aka the rocker, and they created magne-traction. If you don't know what these are look it up. They make some good snowboards.

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The Lib tech LIb ripper witch is the kids version of the skate banana but if u don't like the banana shape go with the Burton shaun white smalls witch has camber

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There's really not specifically one "best powder snowboard" but some are definitely better than others such as the Burton Fish or or Rome Notch.

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Q: What is the best kids snowboard?
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