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I would say my favourite kicking tees are the joey supertee and the puma adjustable kicking tee

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Q: What is the best kicking tee in the world?
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What is the best kicking tee for rugby?

Sharpshooter. Really good

Where were kicking tees originated?

The kicking tee is one of the most important tools on the football field. The tee was first used in 1889.

What kicking tee does James O'Conner use to kick with for Australia?

he uses a super tee with a cone tapped on below it

Can you use a 2 inch kicking tee for field goal in high school?

no i am a kicker in high school and we are only allowed a 1" kicking tee where i play. we could only have 2" in elementary and middle school

Where can you purchase a Halligan 2000 kicking tee? has some excellent additions for the game

Who invented the football tee?

The football kicking tee was invented and patented by Richard Emmett Cullity. It was patented in 1964 and assigned to Voit Rubber Corporation for production.

What are some good tips kicking off a low tee?

I like to stand the ball up almost straight. It helps me get under it, especially on a low tee.

What holds the ball for a football kicker?

Either a 'Tee' to hold the ball on 3 plastic fingers, or a human placeholder. The "Tee" is not allowed in kicking field goals and points after touchdowns.

Why do kickers always squeeze the ball before placing it on the kicking tee?

To loosen the football up because new footballs can be a little hard and to expand the sweet spot that the kicker will be kicking.

Does a high school kicker use a kicking tee for field goals?

A kicker in high school is allowed the use of the standard 1in. kicking tee. It will help give the kicker the height he needs for the points to be good. But in college and the NFL, tees can't be used, so a high school kicker will have to adapt to the change.

What are the best tee shirts in terms of quality?

The best tee shirts in terms of quality are the tee shirts that are made of cotton. This is because the material cotton is long lasting as well as comfortable and lightweight.

Why should kids like football?

it's all about sports and handballing and kicking and get a goal and be the world's best football champion

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