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a jersey with the number on your dirt bike on it

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โˆ™ 2011-06-17 10:55:12
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Q: What is the best jersey for motocross?
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Who is the best motocross rider in England?

The Best NON-FREESTYLE motocrosser in England is Zac Osbourne the best motocross rider in the world is Carlos Campano

What do Motocross Riders wear for protective clothing?

Helmet (full-face), goggles, jersey, chest-protector, (some wear a hahns neck device an/or shoulder pads) motocross pants with knee & shin guards, motocross boots, and gloves.

Which athlete has the best condition?


What is the best kids motocross?


Is motocross the best sport?

If you have the $ yes

What equipment is needed for Motocross?

!st, a motocross bike, tools for repair, parts for said repairs, a vehicle for transporting, (trailer?) For intimate equipment: (all must be of excellent quality) full face helmet, goggles, tear-off's, jersey's, chest protector, jock-strap/cup, motocross pants, (the kind with knee & shin guards), and the best motocross boots you can get. This will get you started, you will find you will need a few other things that's important to you personally. OH: Bring your NERVE.

Who is the best freestyle motocross rider in the world?

The best freestyle motocross rider in the world is Travis Pastrana by far. He has won countless gold medals and not to mention the first person in recorded history to pull off a double backflip. He is a motocross legend.

What brand of motocross bike is the best?


What 125cc motocross bike is the best?


What is best 65cc motocross bike?


Can you ride a Motocross bike in the woods?

Yes, a motocross bike will have stiffer suspension and the gearbox isn't the best for the woods riding.

Who is the best motocross rider ever?

Ricky Charmicheal is by far the best motocross rider ever. He has won the most Championships and races. James Stewart is the best that is still active. And then It will be Ryan Dungey.

Who is the best Motocross Racer in the World?

Ricky Carmichael

Best motocross racer in the us?

James Stewart.

Who is the best motocross racer in history?

Jeremy Mcgrath

What online motocross store is the best?

danger UK

What is the best brand of motocross bike?

obviously suzuki!!

What is needed to ATV race?

Safety is paramount in any racing, an excellent helmet, excellent motocross boots, excellent goggles, designated racing apparel, such as: jersey, motocross pants, gloves. Motocross racing apparel have safety, and protection engineered into them, go with the best equipment, "Do not go cheap on your safety equipment", injuries happen in racing, the extent of those injuries could/can depend on the equipment you choose. And lastly, a ATV.

What is the best way to access motocross games online?

The best way to access motocross games online is to subscribe to one of the many who are available. Addictinggames, Muchgames, silvergamesand flasharcadegames are a few to choose from.

Who is the all time best motocross racer?

Ricky Carmichael

Who is the best freestyle motocross?

My personal opinion is Travis Pastrana

What cc is best for a17 year old for motocross?

a 250cc

What is the best motocross game?

You're best bet for a good motocross game would be MX vs ATV Untamed. I personally think it is the best mx game ever made. I can play it for hours at a time without getting bored.

Why motocross should not be banned?

Its one of the best Anti-drug activities out there

How do you win in Motocross?

== == The best way to become a winner is to get a good education. Everything about Motocross involves Physics and Math. Search out the best local Senior age Motocross racer in your regional area. Contact him or her and ask what the best rate of return is for your time and money invested to improve your control and balance. Good fundimentals lead to good performance. Go faster than the other guys.