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Deer skin gloves are the best.

Horrible answer... Best infielder gloves are 11.5 inch and usually either h-web or I-web, medium to deep pockets. I prefer the Akadema or Mizuno gloves for middle infield.


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Q: What is the best infielders baseball glove?
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What are the two kinds of gloves in softball?

there are catching gloves, 1st basemens glove, infielders glove and outfielders glove.

What kind of glove does Brandon Phillips use?

He uses a Wilson A2K 11 1/4 Infielders Glove.

Can you have 5 infielders in baseball?


How many infielders are there in baseball?

its 8

How long should a middle infielders softball glove be?

no shorter than 12, no longer than 13

What is the best baseball fielding glove?


What is better Wilson A2K glove or Nike diamond elite pro glove?

I've had both gloves, and I feel that it depends on your position. The A2K is best for infielders (unless you play 1st base), and the diamond elite pro is good in the outfield, especially if it's long.

What is the best short stop glove for baseball?

Akadema AMB11 Torino series. Sweet glove!

What does golden glove mean in baseball?

It means the person receiving this award is the best of the best at catching a baseball.

What are the infielders position for softball?

same as baseball but with a bigger ball

What is the best baseball mitt you can buy?

The best Glove/Mitt you can buy is probably the Nike Gold Pro Series. I would recommend this glove series to anyone.

How do you break in an infielders glove?

what i do is: either use glove conditioning oil and rub it in everyday, or use shaving cream. make sure you oil it everyday, and throw with it everyday. and when you go to bed, put a baseball in the pocket you want to form, and wrap it up with a belt or rubber bands and put it under your mattress.

Why is the first base mans glove different?

The main objective of the first baseman is to catch the ball. A larger glove or mitt, would be an advantage. Infielders need to catch the ball and quickly transfer the baseball from glove to hand, to make a throw. A smaller glove has an advantage. The infielder also needs to have a feel for the ball to help grab the ball or handle tough ground balls. The first baseman's glove or mitt has extra padding and leather to protect the hand from hard throws.

What is a baseball glove?

A baseball glove protect your body and assist players in catching and fielding balls hit by batters.

What is the best 3rd base baseball glove?

rawlings hoh pro mesh

How many infielders are on the field during a major league game in baseball?


What is the best baseball glove for 6 year old child?

The best glove for a 6 yr old would be anything soft and with a sizeable pocket. approx. 11inch glove with a pocket to hold a ball. Too many youth gloves are built for aesthetics and not for functionality. Glove manufactures make gloves for youth that are designed to catch. Try glove maker in the business

What is a baseball mitt?

A baseball mitt is another name for a baseball glove - a protective glove used when playing baseball.

What is the best estimate for the mass of a baseball glove?

10 grams

When is it time to replace a baseball glove?

The time to replace a baseball glove is when the laces are very stringy/ in stards, the pam of the glove as no more padding, the glove is to small, and wen the person using the glove has no more feel of the glove.

What is that glove called when he has his baseball glove on?


What is the oldest baseball glove?

This is some discrepancy over who invented the first baseball glove. However, Rawlings sports manufacturing company is the first recorded manufacturer of the baseball glove and does hold the patent on this first glove.

In softball can a pitcher use a first base glove?

You can if you wanted to, but most pitchers don't...most use an infielders mitt. but you wouldn't want to because it is dangerous and to heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the best way to store a baseball glove?

Putt that $h!t in the fridge bro bro

What country was the baseball glove invented?

Some people claim that the baseball glove was first invented in Canada. However, there has been an American patent for a baseball glove since 12345456