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This is much more simple and accurate compared to answer below: On higher levels

- middle infielders (ss & 2nd) they will typcially stay with a size range of 11.25in - 12in depending on players preference.

- 3rd basemen will range between 11.75in - 12.25 with 12in being most common size.

- 1st basemen have mitts, not gloves. The mitts are measured in circumference and not length. They range from 12.5 - 13in

Well it is generally dependent on the size of the hand.

A first basemen will want to wear a tall (long) glove with a large web (glove's pocket, usually weaved) when they play that position.

However a second, third baseman, or shortstop should all wear a smaller glove, allowing them to quickly find the ball in their glove and release it.

The sizes for middle infielders (second baseman and shortstop) will have an average of a size between 9 inches and 12 inches.

A third baseman will have an average of 10 to 13 inches.

A first baseman should have a much larger glove, some going to 20 inches or more.

Answer above is correct and incorrect. Middle Infielders in organized Baseball ages 12yrs and older will more than likely use an 11 - 11.75inch gloves. 3rd basemen, 11.5 - 12inch. And 1st basemen usually between 12.5 - 13inch. There are no such thing as 20inch or more gloves!!! Catchers mitts use 32inch and up but are measured in circumference, while gloves and 1st basemen mitts measure in length.

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Deer skin gloves are the best.

Horrible answer... Best infielder gloves are 11.5 inch and usually either h-web or I-web, medium to deep pockets. I prefer the Akadema or Mizuno gloves for middle infield.


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32in - 33in best circumference. Akadema Praying Mantis catcher's mitt the best.

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Q: What is the best infielders baseball glove?
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