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Q: What is the best formula 1 campsite at Silverstone Grand Prix?
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When is the british formula 1 grand prix in 2014?

The 2014 British Formula One Grand Prix will be held on July 6th at Silverstone.

British Grand Prix 2009?

The 2009 British Formula One Grand Prix will be in Silverstone on July 11. And Sebastian Vettel won it!! :D

Who first winner formula one ress?

Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina won the inaugural Formula One Grand Prix on May 13th, 1950 at Silverstone (British Grand Prix).He went on to win the World Championship that year.

How many cars competed in Silverstone's first British Grand Prix?

Silverstone's first British Grand Prix took place in 1926. It was established by Henry Segrave at Brooklands.

How many times has british grand prix been held at silverstone?

62 and counting(2011). All the British Grand Prix's have been held usally at Silverstone.

Who won the 1987 British Formula One Grand Prix?

Jim Clark of Scotland. He also won in 1967.

Who was the first driver to win a Grand Prix for Williams in 1979?

Clay Regazzoni in Silverstone Circuit, British Grand Prix.

Who won the 2011 silverstone f1 grand prix?

Fernando Alonso

How long is silverstone?

Silverstone is a racing circuit in England where the british grand prix is held every year in the formula one racing calendar. The circuit is 5.141 km long and has a total of 17 turns.

When was the oldest grand prix in formula 1?

The oldest (or the first) grand prix in Formula 1 was on May 13th, 1950, when Silverstone hosted the British Grand Prix.The first-ever and thus oldest Grand Prix was held on July 22nd, 1894 when Le Petit Journal organised the 127km (79 miles) Paris to Rouen race.

Name the corner where Michael Schumacher broke his leg in 1999 and which grand prix race was it?

Stowe at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix.

What exactly is the Silverstone Circuit?

The Silverstone Circuit is a racetrack found in England. It's where the British Grand Prix is held, as well as a number of other car races, such as the Le Mans series and the European Formula Two.