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Q: What is the best football game to play on a you touch?
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What is the procedure of resuming the game of football from a throw in?

The procedure of resuming the game of football from a thrown in is that the other team to have had the last touch are usually given the advantage to resume play.

How do you play touch football?

the same way you play regular football but you don't tackle you just touch i play it all the time in school.

What is the best football game to play on the computer?

fifa 2011

Does olalla like football?

Maybe. It depends on their of playing the game. Rarely on most people play basketball but if you get touch w/ the game, so be it!

What is it called when you play football with no pads?

Touch/Flag Football.

What is the best online football game?

Counter strike:Source go play de_football

Which fantasy football game do you think is the best to play?

its got to be the telegraph newspaper

How can football players wear casts during the game?

Football players can wear their casts during the game as long as they are able to still play when they are on. If they can play through the pain, then they are able to, but it is usually best to sit out when the players are hurt.

Do young kids play football?

Yes, some 3rd graders play tackle football. Many younger kids also play touch and flag football.

Is the game of football a concrete or abstract noun?

The noun 'football' for a game of football is an abstract noun, a word for the sum total of rules, teams, space, and equipment used to play the game. The game of football is a concept. The noun 'football' is a concrete noun as a word for the ball used to play the game.

What education and training do you need to become a nfl football player?

You need to have a good football history from the high school you attended, understand the game well and also it is important to be coachable...your best bet is to play college football and try your best to stand out and play well

What is the Differences between NRL and Touch Football?

NRL is tackle football, there are kicks in play (start of field) and there are converisons. Touch football requires you to touch a player, no kicks during plays and no converisons.

How do you play kids touch football?

its like normal football, but instead of tackling you just touch the person with the ball with two or one hand

True or false do football players in England play the same sport as football players in America and Australia?

Football players in America do not play the same game as football players in England play. The game that America calls football is the game that England calls gridiron. The game the England calls football is the game America calls soccer. acutally i live in England and we refer to Americans football as American football. imaginative i know

What game was football originated from?

Football was originated from rugby. It is a fun game for everyone to play.

Can a college level HS football player play in a college game?

If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?

What to teams play football game each year on thankgiving?

what two teams play football game each year on thankgining

Why do they call football 'football'?

You play with your foot, and it is a ball in the game!

Which game was not play by women?

Football (I mean American football)

What are the best football hits?

Many of the best football hits can be viewed on services such as YouTube. Some of the best football hits include those that knock the opposing player out cold and can be heard from a long distance away. Those hits are often heard clearly on someone's TV while commentators are doing play-by-play game analysis and usually there is a game stoppage as well if that particular player is seriously hurt. In the National Football League, if direct helmet-to-helmet hits are made on purpose, penalties and even game suspensions can follow for the instigator.

Why does baseball have 7 game playoff and football has one?

Teams can't go undefeated in baseball, so you have to play many games to see who is truly the best. Since you can go undefeated in football, the best team almost always wins, so you only need to play one game to see who's better,

Can you touch the ball in table tennis while playing the game?

You can touch the ball when it is not in play. When the ball is in play, you cannot touch it.

What is play within a play give example?

football is a game and when a boy is playing that the it is a game

Can you play football game in thunder?

You could but it would be very, very dangerous.Any time there is thunder and lightning, it is best to get out of open fields and into shelter. It would be in everyone's best interest, including the fans, to not play a football game when there is thunder and lightning in the area. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

What is the actual time a football is in play in a football game?

28 minutes