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4 inches

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Q: What is the best estimate of weight of a box holding 5 bowling ball?
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What is the highest weight of a bowling ball?

The maximum weight a bowling ball can be is sixteen pounds.

What is the weight of a bowling ball candlepin?

The maximum weight of a typical Candlepin Bowling Ball is 2lb 7oz.

What is the weight of a bowling ball in newtons?

A 16 pound bowling ball would be 71.172 newtons in weight.

How heavy a bowling ball is can be referred to as its?


What is the most a bowling ball can weigh?

16 pounds is the maximum weight of a bowling ball that can be used in sanctioned events.

What factors are important in selecting a bowling ball?

weight, span and pitch must be considered in selecting a bowling ball.

A bowling ball has a diameter of 8.4in it is made of plastic that weighs .05lbs What is the weight of the bowling ball?

If the plastic in the ball weighs 0.05 lbs, and the ball contains nothing but the plastic, then the weight of the ball is 0.05 lbs.

Can you take weight taken out of a bowling ball?


Does a bowling ball weighs 1 lb?

The lowest weight bowling ball used at centers is 6 pounds as there still needs to be a certain amount of weight to work properly in the ball returns

What weight does a bowling ball need to be if somebody weights 170-190 lbs?

The weight of the person has little to do with the weight of the bowling ball. 16lbs max is the limit and a 150 pound person could throw that weight. A lighter ball tends to deflect.

What is the heaviest ball allowed in sanctioned league bowling?

In tenpin bowling, the lightest weight bowling ball allowed in sanctioned play is 6 pounds.

What is a delivery in bowling?

Delivery is the term used to describe the motion of the body and ball as it moves from the standing position holding the ball, through the steps towards the foul line and then release of the bowling ball.