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You should try a 46 cover 2 or 53 cover 3 defense and do CB blitz ...

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Q: What is the best defense for a play action pass?
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Why isn't the play-action pass called fake run?

doesn't a single person reading this know why? every pass play involves action! WHY is it called that (NOT what is it)?

What is it when a QB fakes a hand-off to a back and then heads in the opposite direction to run or pass?

This is called a "bootleg." Generally, faked handoffs are called "play action" (used to hold the defense close to the line).

What it meant by the term play action in football?

Fake hand off "playing the hand off then action of the pass"

What is the play action pass?

where you fake the handoff to a running back and then you throw the ball

What are some action verbs you use to play basketball?


What is a backdoor receiver?

A backdoor receiver is a type of pass route in football where the receiver initially runs as if they are going to block, and then quickly changes direction to catch a pass behind the defense. This route is designed to deceive the defense and create a big play opportunity.

What is a fake pass called in football?

Fake runs are typically called PLAY ACTION. Usually a fake pass is run before a DRAW play with the Running Back or Quarterback then running.

What does play-action mean?

Actually, it is called 'play action' or 'play action pass' and that is when the quarterback fakes a hand off to a running back and then drops back to throw the ball. It is also called a 'play fake'.

What is a secondary in football?

The 'secondary' are those players on the defense that play in the backfield and cover receivers and backs going out on pass patterns. The secondary consists of two cornerbacks and two safeties and are commonly called 'defensive backs'. Sometimes, when the defense thinks the offense is going to run a pass play, a fifth defensive back will be put into the game to replace a defensive lineman or linebacker. In this case, you might hear the announcer say that the defense is in the 'nickel'. A 'nickel defense' is when there are five defensive backs playing on a particular play.

What is the best defense level to train to on a free-to-play defense pure?

I would say Hill Giants. level 99 if you are serious about it =p

Which best explains the term antecedent action?

An action that has already happened by the time the play starts.

What does theattacker do in lacrosse?

The attacker is the person who stays in front of the goal and usually takes the most shots, they can not pass mid field line, and are extremely important on the ride too ( when the defense gets the ball they play defense on them)