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There is not a specific one. Do some research on Google, see which one fits you! Everyone is different and people have their own needs.

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Q: What is the best college to go to for sports medicine?
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How long do sports medicine doctors have to go to college for?

2 years after highschool

How did you get started in this sport?

to get started in sports medicine you must go to college for at least4 to 8 years and earn your doctorate degree here are some websiters that show you the list of the best colleges for thisEducation portal-list of schools that offer sports and list of best colleges for sports medicine.

What is the best college for academics and sports?

I would have to say University of Miami. GO U!!

What is the best college to go to be a vet in Florida?

The only school of veterinary medicine in Florida is The University of Florida.

Do you have to go to college to be a sports broadcaster?

no you do not

What sports did Johnny Depp play in college?

He didn't go to college.

About virginia-Maryland regional college of veterinary medicine?

after collage what is the best school that i can go to that is in Maryland Washington d.c or Virginia

Where can I go to earn ACSM certification?

You need to go to American College of Sports Medicine. There you can take the exam. You can also sign up for it on their website:

Can you go to college online and play sports for that school?


Were should you go to become a sports agent?


Do you have to go to college to become a pharmacist?

Yes, your must go to college and get your degree and medicine before you can actually get a job as a pharmacist. You can take special courses just for pharmacy/ medicine.

Can a person leave college ball go to pro sports and than return to college sports?

Nah ur fat mate

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