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Q: What Community Colleges offer Sports Management programs?
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Are there sports programs at Harvard?

Yes, there are sports programs at almost every college whether it be a community college or a university most colleges have sport programs

Are there schools just for sports management?

As a matter of fact there are Sports Management programs in colleges and universities. You can contact your local colleges and ask for such program. Some states offering such program are Ohio, Florida and Massachusetts.

Do cooking colleges have sports programs?

there may be a few but not many

What colleges have good sports journalism programs in New Jersey?

the good one :)

What colleges in California offer sports management'?

I think St. Marys and Pepperdine do

What texas colleges have a degree for sports management?

The University of Texas, Texas Tech University, and Texas A and M University all offer degrees in sports management.

What major would qualify me to work in the front office of a professional sports team?

There are colleges and universities that offer degrees in Sports Management. This would be a good possibility for you. You should check with your home county community college, as well as other four year colleges and universities within your geographical location.

Where can I find more information about sports management degrees?

Check colleges or universities. They usually have the info. If not, have you tried asking friends who have degrees in sports management? I'm sure it will help you.

What colleges offer the best programs for careers in sports marketing?

A career in sports marketing is not offered in many colleges. One of the very few colleges that offer this degree is the Duke University which is also one of the best college in the world.

What has the author Anne Pufahl written?

Anne Pufahl has written: 'The influence of Title IX on intramural programs among selected large universities and colleges in the United States' -- subject(s): College sports, Intramural sports, Management, United States

What colleges have sports in San Antonio?

There are a few colleges that have sports. All colleges have some kind of sports.

If i am going for a bachelor's degree in sports management should i get an associate's degree first in management and marketing or just go for a bachelor's in sports management?

If sports management is your priority, then I would say go for the bachelors instead of the associates. However, there are some community colleges that offer an associates in sports management. This would cut down on the tuition cost for the first two years. Still, you would have to contact the transfer counselor at the two year community college to make sure the degree is fully transferable to the four year college or university. In addition, the management and marketing degree you mentioned sounds to me like an associates of applied science degree, which may not transfer well to the sports management degree at the four year level. Once again, if a bachelors degree in sports management is your overall objective, then stay with that thought.

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