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In my Opinion a VX-1000 or a VX-2100

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โˆ™ 2009-09-02 04:47:38
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Q: What is the best camera for skateboarding?
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What is the best video camera to film skateboarding?

Sony DCR-VX1000

What is the best camcorder for skateboarding under 200 i dont care about size?

For under £200 you will struggle to find a HD camcorder with high FPS which would probably be best for skateboarding. The Sony DCR-SX53E is in your budget though and is a fairly high spec SD camera.

What are the best bearings for skateboarding?

Reds are the best bearings for skateboarding.

What is the best way to get sponsored for skateboarding?

be good at skateboarding

Which kind of shoes are good for skateboarding?

Airwalk is the best skateboarding shoes and skateboards.

What is the best construction in skateboarding?

The Best Constructions in Skateboarding and Push constructions,Eternal Life constructions, and Uber Light constructions.

What is the best skateboarding brand?

Element is the best!

What is the best skateboarding website?

To watch skateboarding stuff? by far

What is a cheap video camera to film skateboarding?

Canon ZR 930 is what I have its a fantastic camera great quality and you could probably find it somewhere for under 200.

Is blind the best skateboard company?

There is no best skateboarding company.

What are the best trucks and wheels for skateboarding?

Independent really their the best

What is the best trucks for skateboarding?


Best skateboarding wheels?

Rictas! 52mm

What is the best skateboarding magazine?

transworld for sure!

What is the best skateboarding shoes website?

What is the best camcorder for skateboarding?

wall eye vision cam corders are the best

What skateboarding wheels are best for cruising?

Square wheels

What are the Best skateboarding songs?

T.N.T by AC/DC

What do you think is the best skateboarding video?

Baker 3

How do you be the best at skateboarding?

try really fudgeing hard

What is the best skateboarding griptape brand?

Mob or Grizzly

Are zero skateboards the best skateboarding brand?

no, baker

How do you get free skateboarding catalogs?

To get your own free skateboarding catalogs, go to or The best thing is, it's totally free! ----

What are the best skateboarding helmets?

pro tect are the good ones

What is the best editing software for skateboarding?

Final Cut Pro