Is blind the best skateboard company?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There is no best Skateboarding company.

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Q: Is blind the best skateboard company?
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What is the best skateboard deck for large people?

Blind Skateboards

What is the best skateboard company for tricks?


Is blind the skateboard in the top 10?

no way

What is the lightest skateboard deck made?

a blind

Which SkateBoard Brand should you get?

i prefer blind

What 's the best skateboard deck?

Plan B, Blind, Element,Almost,zero,and girl i skate girl

What company makes the best skateboard?

Plan b or darkstar in my personal opinion

Is a Blind skateboard better than a World Industries skateboard?

a world industries is better...according to me!

What is the name of the skateboard company with the womens bathroom sign on it?

girl skateboard company

What skateboard companies make skateboards in Mexico?

Only the best skateboard company in the world BAKER On all of the decks it has a made in Mexico sticker

What is better blind skateboard or flip skateboard?

FLIP SKATEBOARDS R wayyy better than blind but try to get somethin even better like girl or baker

What is the best finger skateboard company?

Definitely Tech Deck. They are the original, and by far the most durable and best running.