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well that's a rather general question however, in my opinion spalding has a good range of balls whereas nike has limited amounts nevertheless, the basketballs are of rather good quality hence, it all comes down to personal feel and liking , i would actually say both brands are rather equal however if you are going to buy a ball you should consider both brands including molten to for its versatile long range balls

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Spalding is the official NBA and WNBA so i think it is SPALDING!!

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nither..... haha its baden

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Q: What is the best brand of basketball spalding or Baden?
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What is the best brand of basketball spalding or willson?

Spalding is the official ball brand of the NBA, so Spalding is probably better.

Which basketball is best for a basketball player?


What is the best basketball?


What basketball copany makes the best balls?

spalding. I have two spalding basketballs

What is the best basketball brand?

In my opinion, Spalding basketballs are the best because they NEVER go flat. Spalding! The various composite covers can suit any handling skill. Excellent for indoor drill. Check out their various NBA/Globetrotter brands:

Where are basketballs manufactured?

Adidas is recognized as one of the leading, if not the top, makers of basketball clothing within the United States. You can purchase their products in most stores that carry a clothing section.

What is the best basketball you can buy?

The best basketball would be of Spalding as it is used by the NBA players and is most commonly used in their games... To be precise it should have a strong grip, nd perfect weight according to your convenience and should be of the official size 29.5 {approx.}!

What is the best most durable composite basketball for outdoor use?

Defintitly the Spalding. I have so many and after many years they are still great balls to use in your driveway.

How much did it cost to make the original basketball?

It depends on what you call a real basketball and your age and level of game. Spalding's basketballs (official basketball of the NBA) usually cost under 25.00. The spalding official size street basketball costs 14.38. The official NBA varsity ball costs 13.15. The new Spalding never flat ball costs 22.14. The Spalding official indoor/outdoor basketball costs 30.43. The Spalding NBA official game ball basketball is 87.99. In my opinion if you want the real deal I would get the NBA official game ball basketball. Even though its costly it is worth it. Keep in mind though that the ball was made to be played indoors not outdoors. If you play outdoors I recommend the never flat ball since it lasts long. The only problem with it is that it is a bit bouncy. these are only a few basketballs. if you want to check them all out go to this site: for a quiz picking the best ball for you go to this site: prices gathered from

Whats the best brand of basketballs?

out of my experience i think that NIKE makes the best basketball ever made !!!!!!!!

What's the best brand of men's basketball sneakers and where to buy them?

Some popular men’s basketball shoe brands include Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Jordan Brand, etc. These brands are known for delivering high performance, comfort, and stylish design. Choose the best basketball shoes for you at [babareplica].

is nike the bset for basketball shoes?

Basketball is a great sport and having the right shoes is very important. Nike is the best brand for basketball shoes but Adidas is a great second choice.