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a tgm from

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Q: What is the best blank skateboard?
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Where can you get blank skateboard decks for cheap?

If you want a cheap blank or pro deck go to they have the best prices

Best skateboard for a beginner is?

a blank deck. cheap and efficient. mini logo, get a 7.75.

What are blank skateboard decks?

they dont have any decals on the bottom

Where in New Orleans can someone purchase blank skateboard decks?

Poison I.V Skateboards and Sporting Goods is located in New Orleans. If they do not have blank skateboard decks in stock, it is possible that they may order some in.

What is the best but cheap skateboard brand?

The most affordable yet decent brand would probably be just a CCS Standard Issue Blank which can be found at

What is the best skateboard supplier?

the best skateboard supplier is a tight race between on deck and west49

What is the best website to create your own skateboard?

CCS is the very best site for making your own skateboard.

Which element skateboard is best?

there is not really a "best" type of skateboard. it's all self-preference. whatever you're used to or like is probably the best for you.

What is the best skateboard copmany?

Trust me.. There really isn't too much of which skateboard brand is the best. One person might tell you that an "element" skateboard is the best there is.. And later, another person would tell you that its the worst D: If your going to get your first skateboard, look for the one that you think has the best graphics. Later on, you'll figure out which brand feels the best under your feet!

Will a name brand skateboard or a blank skateboard affect how fast the bearings go when skateboarding off a ramp?

If our talking about a blank deck then no. But if your talking about a pre built complete all bearings will usaully suck for that so say away from pre built completes make your own with bones bearings

What is the best skateboard in the world?


What is the best skateboard deck?


Is almost the best skateboard?


What skateboard is best for kickflips?


What are the best risers for a skateboard?


Which skateboard is the best to use?

well there isn't a best skateboard but if you are talking about rareness i would go for plan b or tony hawk ones

Which is the best skateboard?

In my opinion 'Blinds' are the best for my type of skating.

Is blind the best skateboard company?

There is no best skateboarding company.

What are best skateboard trucks?

the best trucks are speed demons because i have had some for5 years and nothing has happend to them and i skateboard all the time and they rock!

What skateboard should i get?

It depends on what type of skateboarding you are going to be doing. Do not buy the cheapiest ones that you find because they are dangerously designed. Go to your local shop and ask for a blank deck that is sized properly to you. You can also visit and go through the first course that they have all about the proper and best skateboard equipment!

Best skateboard wheels?

Spitfire and Bones

What is the best skateboard company for tricks?


Where is the best website to learn how to skateboard?


What are the best skateboard shoes in order?


What is the best skateboard ever?

brand? Powell