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the number the greatest player wore 23

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Q: What is the best basketball jersey number?
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What jersey number is the best for basketball?

I say 23 Lebron James or 24 Kobe Bryant

What is a point guard basketball jersey number?

the number 1

What is chris's basketball team jersey number?


What was Tony Gonzalez jersey number for Cal basketball?


What was quincy's number on his jersey in the movie love and basketball?


What is chris browns basketball team jersey number?


What basketball players jersey number was 34?

charles barkley

What is the highest number that can appear on a players jersey in basketball?


How do basketball players get their jersey number?

The actual number is often chosen at random.

What was Q's number on his jersey in love and basketball?

The number on his jersey is 22 during high school and college. When he went pro he was number 21.

What is Troy Bolton's jersey number for the Wildcats basketball team?


What number does basketball player Tim Duncan wear on his jersey?


What is the best selling basketball jersey of all time?

Michael Jordan

What was the number of troys golf cart in high school musical?

number 14 the same as his basketball jerseynumber 14 the same as his basketball jersey

Who wears jersey 57 in basketball?

Jersey number 57 has never been worn in NBA game play.

What is the best jersey for motocross?

a jersey with the number on your dirt bike on it

Do basketball players pick their jersey number?

Basketball players can request a number but if that number is taken of if the organization just doesn't want to give them that number than they have to get a new one.

Who wore number 2 basketball jersey in all-star game?


What was Chucky Brown's jersey number when he played basketball at NC State?


Who on the uconn basketball team wears jersey number 22?

Bob Smith

Who did the University of Iowa retire the number 40 basketball jersey for?

Chris Street

Who wore the number 9 on his US Olympic basketball jersey?

Michael Jordan

What famous basketball player wear the jersey number one?

Tracy Mcgrady

What famous basketball player wore jersey number thirteen?

Steve Nash

Which duke basketball player wore jersey number 21?

chris duhon