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Yonex is best Badminton racket.

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Q: What is the best badminton racket right now?
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What is the name of the Ancient racket game before badminton?


Which is the best est racket company?

That really depends on what you are looking for, but one of the best current racket companies right now is Li-Ning which actually sponsors the whole Chinese National Team and then there's Wilson and Yonex rackets such as the K-Factors for Wilson.

What is a badminton racket?

It is a racket specifically made for badminton. They have a low weight ranging from 70-95 grams (2-3.5 ounces). They are made of a range of reenforced plastic to solid steel. They can have carbon nanotubes in it now days which are very light weight. They have have stings that looks like a regular grid of squares. The strings are the with of about .67 mm and they have the tension of 80-160 newtons. They are usually low for regular players and higher for professionals.The thing you hit the shuttlecock with. Like baseball- theres a bat (badminton racket) and a ball (shuttlecock).

What are three facts about badminton?

It is the world's fastest racket sport. Shuttlecock speed can reach up to 200 mphBadminton was first played in the Olympics in 1992The IBF (International Badminton Federation) was founded in 1934 with nine members and now has about 150 members.

What improvements have been made to a badminton racket?

It is now made from titanium and plastic strings and is much more light weight than before [More recently] Badminton racquets are now made of carbon allotrope shafts, such as fullerene, as they are more flexible and lighter (although not for every racquet). Nylon strings are now more common as well

What racket does mcenroe use now?


What is the best badminton racket?

The best king would be the Yonex Armortec, or the Yonex Nanospeed, also muscle power rackets are also pretty good, BUT ALL YONEX RACKETS ARE GOOD BUT THESE ARE SOME THAT HAVE WORKED VERY WELL FOR ME. also the yonex arcsaber is one of the best actually the yonex arcsaber z slash has given a speed of 414 kmph which is now the was first 331kmph

Best badminton player in the world?

Lin Dan is the best player in the world now, he've won almost every single champion nowadays.

What is the tennis ball and racket ball made of?

now rubber

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