Is volkl a good tennis brand?

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Volkl is a more expensive brand of tennis products. They claim to be the "best," and do have good reviews by people who have used the products.

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Q: Is volkl a good tennis brand?
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What is the best ski brand?

Volkl and Atomic

Does Boris Becker own Volkl?

Becker used to own a large part of the tennis division and had a lot do do with the design of Volkl tennis racquets, but not with the company's other products like skiing and snowboarding equipment. He no longer owns that part of the company. In late 2008, Klip America, based in San Diego, CA, took over the global licensing rights for Volkl.

Are the volkl mantras good skis for all mountain?

yes, but even better all mountain twin tips are volkl bridges.

What are good tennis racquet branches?

Some of the ones used on tour are Prince, Head, Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Volkl and Technifiber. Good can mean a lot of things but the best way to see if a raquet is right for you is to demo it yourself. Most good tennis stores should have a demo service and it is usually free if you end up buying a racquet from them.

What is athletic DNA?

athletic DNA is an awesome tennis brand that has bauss apparel for good players.

What is the best brand for tennis?


Are Donek Snowboards good?

the ruling brand is Burton Snowboards together with Forum, Technine, Ride, RomeSDS, Volkl, Stepchild, DC, Volcom etc. all the other brands are cheaper non technically specified boards which are good for beginners, but suck when you want to get to the top!

What are some brand name tennis bags?

Some name brand tennis bags are Wilson, Head, Prince and Addidas. A tennis bag does not have to be expensive and name-brand in order to adequately carry your tennis equipment. Also Nike, and NIKE AND NIKE ETC.

What is the Official tennis ball?

the official tennis ball name brand is Wilson

What is a tennis brand that starts with b?


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