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Go with the Easton Salvo or The Demarini J2 Flyswatter. Awsome Bats.

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Q: What is the best asa approved slowpitch softball bat?
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What is an approved softball bat?

An approved bat is a bat that has been tested and is approved by ASA. ASA stands for the Amateur Softball Association. Bats that are approved will have a stamp towards the cap of the bat that looks like home plate and it will have a year in it.

Can you use a fastpitch softball bat in slowpitch softball?

I don't know what the "legal" umpire answer would be, but I do know that fastpitch bats are made lighter so they can be swung quicker. It seems like you would want to use a slowpitch bat in slowpitch for the extra power you would get from the extra weight of the bat. There is no rule against it as long as the bat is an approved bat in the league you are playing in, i.e. ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA.

What is the best asa softball?

asa ur face hahahahahahha

ASA softball field layout?

Asa softball field demensions

How far is the softball mound from home plate in ASA slowpitch softball?

For slow pitch softball, the mound is 50 feet from home plate for men, women, and girls. For boys under 18 it's 43 feet, and for boys under 15 it's 46 feet.

What size softball is used for ASA or USSSA women's fastpitch softball?

ASA and USSSA women's softball is classified as a 12 inch softball

What size softball is used for ASA coed slow pitch softball?

In coed asa softball a 12 softball inch for men and an 11 inch for women softball.

What softball bats are legal in black American softball tournaments?

In the U.S. and possibly other countries, any the ASA (Amateur Softball Association) approve are legal. The bat would say ASA approved somewhere on it. This applies to women's and girl's travel teams and school teams.

Is the miken mv-1 supermax slowpitch bat asa approved?

The miken mv1 is NOT ASA approved. If you are looking for any ASA bat I would try the miken super freak 98. Oh and try Kelly's ultimate sports. They always have good deals. Just give them a call. When you talk to them they give you a better deal then online. Thanks Nick

In ASA Softball how far apart are the bases?

Fastpitch softball ASA bases are 60 feet apart.

What is the minus bat drop requirement for high school softball?

There is no limit to the drop; that only applies to baseball. The only requirement for a softball bat to be used in high school softball is that it must be ASA (Amateur Softball Association) approved and so marked on the bat. The current marking is the phrase ASA 2004 inside the outline of a home plate.

Is there such a thing as AAU in softball?

There is ASA softball which is club team in a way like AAU

What is the name of the association that runs softball'?

There are a number of associations in softball but I will presume you are asking about ASA (amateur softball association).

What are the three classifications of softball?

asa, usfa, usssa

Why the demarini juggernaut geezer is not asa approved?

It is a senior bat and is to hot for asa.

What size softball is used for ASA or USA mens fastpitch softball?

Well, Probably a 12" ball.

What does asa stand for?

it means angle-side-angle and is to do with constructing triangles i no i am a clever chap at 12. It may mean angle-sided-angle too but asa stands for Amateur Softball Association. ASA is a world wide softball association.

In slow pitch softball does the pitcher have to be in contact with the pitching rubber?

in ASA rules yes in USSSA softball rules no

Is a worth mayhem M75JH 120 softball bat Asa approved?

No, the 120 is what makes in only USSSA ISA NSA approved. You can almost always find the same model bat you are looking for. In this case the new Jeff Hall Worth Mayhem Reload, in the the 98 form. ASA only accepts 98's or lower.

In ASA softball can you be a courtesy runner and then a pinch runner for someone else?


What are the differences between pony softball rules and asa softball rules?

All bats must bear the ASA approved certification mark and must not be listed onan ASA Banned Bat list unless it bears the ASA approved re-certification mark; orb. Must be included on a list of approved bat models published by ASA; orc. Must be in the sole opinion and discretion of the umpire, have been manufacturedprior to 2000 and, if tested, would comply with the ASA bat performance standardsthen in effect.d. Safety grip or cork, tape (no smooth plastic tape) or composition material, may notexceed two layers of tape and must be continuously spiral. Any resin or pine tar ispermissible on this part of the bat. Tape must be at least 10 inches long and not morethan 15 inches.

Asa regulation ball size for women's slow pitch softball?

11" circumference for women's slow pitch softball.

What size softball for asa 12 year olds?

12" balls i believe

What is the ruling for ASA softball on a pitched ball that hits the black part of the plate?


Asa regulation ball size for men's slow pitch softball?

Men's -- 12