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Breast reconstruction, especially if it is begun at the same time as the simple mastectomy, can minimize the sense of loss that women feel when having a breast removed.

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Q: What is the benefit of breast reconstruction?
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What is Breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a series of surgical procedures performed to recreate a breast

Is breast reconstruction covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage for breast reconstruction varies widely

What is an autologous breast reconstruction?

An autologous breast reconstruction uses the woman's own tissues

What are the two choices for breast reconstruction?

There are two basic choices for breast reconstruction. The breast tissue can be replaced with an implant, or the breast is created using some of the woman's own tissues (autologous reconstruction).

What are the two main methods of performing breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

The method used for performing breast reconstruction is based on the preference of the patient. The reconstruction can be done by immediate reconstruction, where reconstruction occurs in the same time period in which mastectomy is done, or by delayed reconstruction, where reconstruction of the breast is done after mastectomy.

When do many women prefer to have breast reconstruction?

Many women choose to have breast reconstruction performed in conjunction with the mastectomy.

What steps is Breast reconstruction done in?

Breast reconstruction is done in two stages, with the ultimate goal of creating a breast which looks and feels as natural as possible

How did reconstruction benefit landowners in the agriculture economy of the south?

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How did Reconstruction benefit landowners in the agricultural economy of the South?

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What type of mastectomy allows for immediate breast reconstruction?

A modified radical mastectomy also allows for immediate or delayed breast reconstruction.

What are the release dates for Healthline - 2006 Breast Reconstruction?

Healthline - 2006 Breast Reconstruction was released on: USA: 2 August 2007

What exactly is flap breast reconstruction surgery?

A flap breast reconstruction surgery is actually when you use tissue, skin, fat and muscles from other parts of the body to build the breast out to make your breast bigger.

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