What is the ball in your foot?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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ball of foot means a ball has a foot stuck. to it so there is a diffrens beetween foot ball and ball foot. foot ball is a game with a ball. but ball of foot is when the foot is stuck to the ball! get it?

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Q: What is the ball in your foot?
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What is the force of a foot kicking a soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

by applying force to the ball the ball will apply an equal and opposite force on the foot. when you kick the ball, the ball will move forward and your foot will move backward. this force is unnoticeable to the common person simply because we are not looking for it

How do you bend the ball to the right by kicking the ball with the right foot?

hit it with the outside of your foot on the left hand side of the ball

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What part of your foot do you use to tap?

You use the ball of your foot.