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The ball used in Baseball is called baseball.

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Q: What is the ball called played in baseball?
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What is the ball called used in baseball?

a baseball

Why the ball of baseball is hard why the game is called softball?

Baseball is not called softball. The game of softball is called softball because the ball used is softer than a baseball.

What did they use a baseball in baseball?

Because it was origanly called baseball and they needed a ball so they called it a baseball!!

What is only sport played with a ball that when you have possession of the ball you are on defense?


What games are played with a bat and no ball?

One game played with a bat and no ball is Piñata.Games played with a bat and ball include baseball and cricket.

What is the sport played with a stick and a ball?


What sports are played with a ball and a bat?


What is a missed ball in baseball called?


Whats the only game played with a ball that when you have possession of the ball you are on defence?


Why is American baseball called baseball?

because you use bases. and a ball.

Who created baseball ball?

it was created by john denemer in 1856. he knew that there would be a great need in baseball. because first they used stones as their ball so he invented the ball in baseball. called, baseball ball.

What is the ball called played in hockey?

the puck

What does baseball mean?

Well, I think they called baseball, because for base.... their are bases in the game, and for ....ball, their playing with a ball.

If your playing baseball and you hit the ball behind third base what is it called?

A foul ball

What is a base ball?

A ball that is used for a sport that's called baseball For more info

What did people call softball when was it first invented?

When softball was first invented people called it lemon ball, diamond ball, super slow pitch, cabbage ball, indoor baseball, mush ball, playground ball, kitten ball and because it was also played by women ladies' baseball. The name softball was given to the game in 1926.

What games are played with a bat and ball?

baseball and softball of coarse.

Why most of the outdoor games are played with a Ball?

Well most of them are played with a ball because what else would you use? A rock? Some games have to be played with a ball like baseball because what would you throw for the batter to hit? And what would the game be called if there was no ball base rock? So that is your answer and it will be your best (I bet) Your welcome for answering it... Gabriellehebert

Is baseball played in the Olympics?

yes base ball has been played in the summer Olmpics

Why is the ball in baseball circle?

the ball is in the base ball circle because it is being played by the players that are playig with them

What is a one ball bounce in baseball called?

a one hopper

Did the egyptians play baseball?

Baseball might actually have had its origins in ancient Egypt, where the Pharaohs played a game called seker-hemat, hitting a ball with a stick, with their priests as catchers.

How was baseball named?

You step on bases and there is a ball that you throw, therefore it's called baseball.

Why is baseball called baseball?

Probably because the there are bases in the game, and you use a ball to play.

What are the differnce between basketball and baseball?

The ball is larger in basketball. Baseball is played with more players.