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Th pitcher has 27 seconds to throw the ball after he comes set. Failure to do so will result in a balk.

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Q: How long does pitcher have to throw ball?
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Where does the pitcher try to throw the ball?

The pitcher in baseball trys to throw the ball to the back catcher who is behind the home plate.

Who are the players who throw the ball to batters?

This is the pitcher

What is a wild throw by a pitcher?

A wild throw is usually when the ball is no where near where the catcher called for the ball to be.

Throwing the ball to the pitcher a sentence?

no, throwing a ball to a pitcher is not a sentence the correct sentence is my friend said throw the ball to the pitcher to win..

Is a wild throw from the catcher to the pitcher a pass ball?


Does the pitcher have to throw the ball to a base on a pickoff move?

He cannot throw to teammate that is not near a base, but he does not have to throw the ball to second or third, if a teammate is not there.

Pitcher time limit to throw ball?

10 seconds

Can little league pitcher throw a curve ball?

If he is skilled enough

Ground ball to pitcher- pitcher drops ball and batter beats throw does pitcher gets an error or the batter get a hit?

It depends on how bad the pitcher boots the ball. An error is recorded when an out is not made within reasonable effort or talent.

'Throw the ball to the pitcher' is this a sentence?

Yes, this is a sentence. It would be used in response to a question such as, "Who do I throw the ball to?" It is addressed directly at someone and the "You" at the beginning is assumed.

Example of circumduction movement?

A pitcher winding up to throw a ball is circumducting.

When the pitcher has the ball but is not on the mound can the runner steal a base in cal ripken major?

In any fastpitch softball if the pitcher is not on the mound the runner can steal, but the pitcher can always throw the ball 2 get them out.

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