What is the back patch on the Chinese olympic divers?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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kinesio tape

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Q: What is the back patch on the Chinese olympic divers?
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What are the red marks on the lower back of the Chinese Olympic synchronize divers?


What is the patch on the back of the Olympian divers?

Kineso tape

What are the marks on the Chinese divers back?

K-tape, it helps to relieve sore muscles and joints

What is the strips of material on the Chinese divers back?

These divers, as well as divers from many other countries, are wearing Kinesio Tape, which is used to help manage pain for a variety of bone, muscle, and joint issues.

What is the bandage on the divers back and legs?

Covers up tattoos

What are the black strips on back of water polo players?

What the devil is Kinesio tape? Those strips of Elastoplast-like stuff that could be seen on the backs of not a few of the Olympic divers yesterday, and at the moment it's all the rage with sportsmen of many disciplines.

How say mom will be back Chinese?

Mom will be back in Chinese

Why is there red tape on the Chinese divers back?

This is a special tape like Kinesio tape which is used by many sportsmen and women throughout the world. It comes in many colours and has special properties which, when administered correctly in the correct areas can stimulate blood flow and healing agents to help the athletes perform even with minor muscular injuries.

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If you changed the patch as scheduled, you are at no additional risk for pregnancy. If you changed the patch late, you may be at risk.

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Is the patch still as effective if it is applied on the mid-back area?

yes but at the top of the back,