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I am only 12 and i swim 200m in 2 mins 44 so ruffly 5 mins for a 12 year old girl that is (:

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โˆ™ 2010-10-03 12:24:46
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Q: What is the average time for swimming 400 meters?
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What is the average time for a 10 year old boy in the 400 meters?


What is the average 400 meters dash time for amateur runner?

1 min 04 sec

What is the average time for girls high school 400 meters?

Usually 65-75 seconds.

What is the average time for 400 meters?

An average time for the 400m in the Olympics is under 45 seconds. /\/\ that guy is wrong since the 400 metres current olympic world record is 45.28 how can the average be under 45 seconds IDIOTS on this site astound me!

What is the converted time from 42.60 seconds for 440 yards converted to 400 meters?

The converted time for 400 meters is 42.35 seconds.

How tall is an average doorway in meters?

A classroom doorway is how many meters tall?

What is the average time for a fourteen year old girl to run 400 meters?

Okay for an average 14 yr old girl to run the 400 metre is 1 minute 20 seconds

What is the distance around an average school oval?

400 meters

1 time around a track is how many meters?

400 meters

How long for the average person to swim 400 meters?

Well for a competitive swimmer in longcourse it should be about 4-6 ( depends on age an level) so the average person that doesn't practice swimming probably 15 minutes if they could even finish it( depending on how physically fit they are and how their general technique is in swimming) 400 meters is a lot for someone who doesn't swim- thats 16 laps in a shortcourse pool and 8 in a longcourse.

Average time to run 400 meters?

i am an intermediate(sixth grade) and i run it in 1:04 so I hope that helps!

What is the average distance of a running track?

400 meters in lane 1

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