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4 lenghts

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2011-06-14 16:36:16
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Q: How many laps is 400 meters in 50-meter Olympic-size competition swimming pool?
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How many meters equal 5 bar?


Depth competition swimming pool?

At least 2 meters.

How long is a swimming pool in meters?

A standard Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters long, but most pools that measure in meters (and are used for competition) are 25 meters long.

How many meters are in 7 stories?

7/seven stories are equal to 50/fifty meters. 7stories=50meter's

Name the largest swimming course?

If you are referring to competition pools, then your answer is Long Course Meters. This course, used in the Olympics, FINA World Championships, and US Summer Nationals, is 50 meters long. If you are referring to longest swimming competition, it's definitely open water swimming. The longest race held in the Olympics is the 25K.

What are dimensions of competition swimming pool?

There are two different sizes when it comes to competition swimming pools. There is a short course, and a long course pool. The dimensions for the short course pool is 25 meters by 25 meters. However, the width can change depending on the number of lanes that the pool has. A long course pool has dimensions of 50 meters by 25 meters.

How many events are there in free stylein swimming competition?

Freestyle event distances in the Olympics are: 50 meters 100 meters 200 meters 400 meters 800 meters (women only) 1,500 meters (men only)

What are the dimensions of a semi Olympic sized swimming pool?

The competition pools at the Olympics, and other world swimming events, are 50 meters long, but vary in width. Short course competion pools, in yards or meters, are not used at the Olympics, but are 25 yards or 25 meters long. The term "semi-Olympic sized" pool is not used in competitive swimming, but is sometimes used by non-competition swimmers to mean a pool with marked lanes.

How many feet in a swimming competition?

A short course pool is 25 yards/meters long. A long course pool is double that (50 yards)

What size is a regular swimming pool in feet and in meters?

if you mean a competition pool it's usually 50 meters long(olympic size), a practice pool is usually 25 yards long(75 feet) in the US and 25 meters in Europe.

How high is a volley ball net?

2.43 meters for men's competition, 2.24 meters for women's competition

The length of a swimming pool in meters?

25 meters

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