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About 15 to 20 minutes.

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Q: What is the average time for a runner to run a 2.5km race?
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What is the average time for a high school cross country runner in a 3 mile race?

19 minutes

What is the average time for a 8k race?

this realy depends on factors like skill level and gender but for a social runner who just goes to cummunity races 38 minutes or less should put you in the middle. An average time for a decent runner would be 32 minutes.

What is a Decent time for 200 meter sprint?

The average time for a 200 meter sprint race depends on the age of the runner. But, the average time is from 30 seconds to about 40 seconds to run this distance.

Why is speed important for a marathon runner?

Speed determines how long time the Runner needs to finish the race. For those actually competing, the one with the highest speed gets the shortest time and wins the race. For the recreational Runner, speed still determine the time. And since the race course is usually only open a limited time, even a recreational rider needs to keep the pace up.

Which runner ran the race in the least amount of time?

Obviously, the one who won the race. They came first, so ran the race in the shortest time.

What does is mean to race against the clock?

race against the clock is a sport phrase meaning for a runner to try to beat a time record - the figurative meaning is to be pushed for time to accomplish something

What is average time of men race walking?

The answer depends on how long the race is!

What is the average time for a person to run a 12k race?

The average time for a person to run a 12k race is 42 minutes. The world record for a 12k race is 37 minutes and 50 seconds.

How could you measure the average speed of a race car on a race truck?

Race distance / Race time = average speed i.e.: 300 km / 2 hours = 150 kph average.

What is the slowest 100 meter time in the Olympics?

54.3 Injured runner who finished the race

Average male time for a 8k race?

The average time that it takes a man to run an 8k race is around 29 minutes. This varies depending on his training and overall health.

What is an average 5K time?

20 minutes is an average tome for a 5k race.

How could you find the average speed of a cyclist throughout an entire race?

To calculate the average speed you need to know the total distance of the race and the total time taken for completing the race. speed = distance/time

Two runners finished a race in 80 sec another runner finished the race 72 sec and the final finshed fasted in 68 sec the average of these time?

Avg(median) = (x0+x1+... + xn)/n or (sum of values)/(number of values) or (80+80+72+68)/4 = 75

What is the average time for a female marathon runner?

In US marathons held during calendar year 2012, the average finish time for women was 4:43.

What is the average time for a 6 furlong race?


Why does Jesse aarons Bridge to Terabithia want to be the fastest runner?

because once he'd a taste of victory in winning the race, he enjoyed the fact that he was the fastest in his grade at the time he won the race

What is the average 400 meters dash time for amateur runner?

1 min 04 sec

A good marathon runner will run at an average speed of 12 miles per hour. Calculate the time taken to complete the 26.2 mile race?

time = distance/rate so, t = 26.2 mi/12 mi per h = 2.2 h

24.47 time for road running race what was the average per mile?

That depends on the number of miles run in the race.

A runner passes the 5-mile mark at 1 o'clock and the 20-mile mark at 3 o'clock. What is the runner's average speed during this time period?

The normal assumption is that the race is local (say a local marathon), so: Between 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock is 2 hours and in that time the distance covered is 20-5 = 15 miles. So the average speed of the runner is 15 miles ÷ 2 hours = 7.5 mph. ... that all depends upon when and where the runner and the clocks happen to be. for instance, if one clock is in Arizona and the other in New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, or California, it depends upon the time of year, because neither Arizona nor sonora Mexico use daylight saving time, but their adjacent states do. those factors can change the answer substantially. so, the difference between the clocks could be 1, 2 or 3 hours!!! e.g., the runner goes 15, 7.5, or 5 mph.

1500 meter course from start to finish in 50 seconds. What was his average speed during the race?

speed = distance/time = 1500/50 = 30 m/s (too fast for a runner, must be a car)

What is an average time for a jv crosscountry runner who is 15 and female and is 130lbs?

It is at least twenty-five minutes.

How do you convert a 3000 meter race time into the equivalent 2 mile race time?

2 miles is about 3200 meters. So multiply the 3000 meter race time by 3200/3000 (about 1.067) to get the 2 mile time at the same average speed.

Where do you go to race in yu-gi-oh 5ds world championship 2010?

In any Duel Runner shop, you will find a laptop computer on a table near the shop workers. You can use the laptop to play the Duel Runner simulator game. This allows you to race against the time or against computer opponents on a variety of tracks.