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Q: What is the average score of all recorded college football games?
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What is the average attendance at a football game?

The average attendance in a football game depends on the specific game. College games typically have higher attendance than high school games.

Where can one compete in college bowl games?

College bowl games are college football games. The only people that may compete in college bowl football games are the players from each of the college football teams.

Where can one watch college football games?

You can watch college football games at RealPlayer. You can watch specific college games. You can receive games in seconds. RealPlayer is easy to use and free.

What are the loudest college football stadiums?

One loud stadium in American College football is Memorial Stadium - aka "Death Valley", in Clemson, South Carolina. Home to the Clemson Tigers, ESPN recorded what was then the highest ever sound of any college football game at 132 db (louder than a fighter jet) in 2005. Large games at Death Valley easily average up into the 120 decibel range. Husky stadium has the highest recorded db ever taken in a college football game at 133.6 this was taken by ESPN. No one is louder than sports fans in Seattle.

Does ESPN Football show both college and professional games?

Yes, ESPN shows both college and professional football games. They also support fantasy football.

What college football team has the most student support at football games?


How many college football bowl games are there?


What is the average time that a ball is in play in a football game that lasts 60 minutes?

An average NFL football game has about 12 minutes of actual play time. It probably varies a little for college or high school games.

What is the difference between the ball used in college football games and the NFL games?

college ball is a little smaller

Who has won the most games in college football?

Michigan won the most games

How many games are in the College football National Championships?

3 games.😏

Where can you watch free college football games online?

ESPN offers several college football games and events on their website for streaming. You can watch them live or in repeat at

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