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Q: What is the average score of a NBA basketball game at half time?
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Randy franks basketball did he score 70 points in one half in a basketball game?

== == no he scored 69

Half time in basketball game?

half time usaully in a basketball game is 5 minutes

How long is half time in a college basketball game?

how log is half time in a colle basketball game

How long is the average NBA basketball game?

48 minutes. 12 minute quarters. if the score is the same at the end, then there are overtime periods. each one is 5 minutes. half time is 15 minutes.

What is half line in basketball court?

half court in basketball is a half court game between 2 or 4 people one team.

What is the average score of a football games at half time?


How long is a college basketball game?

A college basketball game is 40 minutes long. 20 minutes each half.

How long is a basketball game college?

A College Basketball game is 40 minutes long. 20 minutes each half.

What is the average score of the super bowl at the end of the first half?


How many minutes are in a half of a college basketball game?

20 min

Where do the officials position themselves in half court basketball game?

at the sideline

How much time is a college basketball game?

there is 20 minutes a half

Length of a college basketball game in minutes?

The lenght of a college basketball game is a total of 40 minutes which is 20 minutes for each half

What was the halftime score of the 1988 NCAA championship game?

The game was tied 50-50 at the half.

What is the average Beep Test score for an 11 year old?

Six and a half

How many minutes are in a half of an NCAA Men's Basketball game?

20 minutes per half. 40 minutes per regulation game.

How many minutes in the half time of an NBA basketball game?

15 minutes.

What is the fewest points scored in a half in a NCAA women's basketball game?


What was the score in the national championship game at half?

Florida 7 Oklahoma 7

Why is basketball called basketball?

For the first game of Basketball in 1891, two half-bushel peach baskets were used as the goals, which gave the sport its name.

When is half time in basketball?

Half time is held at the halfway point in a basketball game. This usually means after second quarter (10 or 12 minutes each, depending on the league), but in US college basketball it is just after the first half (of 20 minutes).

What are the average points in a basketball game?

About 19 points in the YMCA. In college maybe 50-70 points. And the NBA (National Basketball Association) is about 97 points The above answer is only half correct. In fact, Kobe Bryant, a great basketball player only averages 24.6-30.0 ppg (points per game)

How many minutes are in a half of a NCAA game?

There are 20 minute halves in College Basketball.

How is the game started in the first half in basketball?

it is started by a "jump-ball" or "tip-off"

How many timeouts per half in high school basketball?

You get five for the entire game