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Q: What team scored the least points in one college basketball game?
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What is the least number of points scored in a half of college basketball?


How many University of Oklahoma Men's Basketball players have scored at least 2000 career points?

There have been 5 OU Bball players who have scored at least 2000 points in their career.

Least points scored in a basketball game?

ummmm 0 dummie so in one game there was a team that scored zero?

What are the top ten most points scored in a college basketball game?

There have been six occurrences of a college basketball player scoring at least 100 points in a game. These were Paul Arizin (100-Villanova), Bevo Francis (116 and 113-Rio Grande College), Frank Selvy (100-Furman) and Jack Taylor (138 and 109-Grinnell College).

If you scored 16 22 and 24 points in 3 basketball games what is the least number of points you must score in the next game to average at least 20 points per game for the four games?

18 pts

What is the most points scored in the least amount of time in a basketball game?

Once Micheal Jordan score 63pionts in one game

What college football game had the least amount of points scored in it ever?

in 1950 the score was 9-3 with 47 punts. With awful weather

Least amount of points scored in the NFL for 2007?

The San Francisco 49ers scored a league low 219 points in 2007.

What are the least points scored in one nfl season?


What is the least points scored in a football game?

I read about this today in my local paper. The least points scored is 0. It happened way back in 1943 in a game between the Lions and the Giants.

What is the least points Steve Nash scored in a game including University?

6 points...haha.

Which of the three teams that lost 4 super bowls scored the least points?

That would be the Minnesota Vikings who scored 34 points in their four losses. The Denver Broncos scored 50 points in their four losses and the Buffalo Bills scored 73 points in their four losses.

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