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Q: What is the average reaction time of NHL goalies?
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How many goalies are on an NHL team?

An NHL team is allowed to have 3 goalies on a team. A team is only allowed to have to dressed goalies to start a game.

What percentage of NHL goalies have brown eyes?

It does not matter what eye color NHL goalies have. It just matters if they make good save saves. But alot of goalies have brown eyes also players.

How many left handed goalies are in the NHL?


Who are the 3 youngest goalies in the nhl today?

Sergi brobrosky

Is roburto louongo the best goalie in NHL?

This is opinional, but he is widely considered one of the best goalies in the NHL.

How many NHL players were born in Massachusetts?

As of January 24th 2011, there have been 149 NHL skaters and 16 NHL goalies born in Massachusetts.

How many goaltenders can be on an NHL roster?

3 goalies in minor and major league

Which nhl players wear number 1?

Alot of goalies use #1.

How much do NHL Backup Goalies get paid?

Pay scales vary from team to team.

Can girls play in the NHL?

actually the correct answer is yes. If they had the physical and mental ability for the game, then anyone can be drafted in the nhl. There were three women goalies in the nhl during the early 80s

How many NHL players from Michigan?

In January 2011 there has been a total of 117 NHL forwards or defensemen born in Wisconsin. In addition, Michigan has produced 9 NHL goalies.

How many NHL goaltenders are from Quebec?

In January 2011, a total of 253 Quebecois goaltenders have appeared in the NHL. Quebec has produced the most NHL goalies of all Canadian provinces.

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