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Q: What is the average number of soccer goals scored in a soccer season?
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Reid and Maria both play soccer This season Reid scored 4 less than twice the number of goals that Maria scored The difference in the number of goals they scored was 6 How many goals did each of t?


Which soccer team has scored the most goals in one season?

Brazil have scored the most goals in their games.

What are questions to ask a soccer player?

how many goals have you scored this season? did you play soccer as a kid? what position are you? what is your favorite sport (besides soccer)? I hope these helped you.

What jersey number scored most goals in soccer?

i thin it is number 10 because Lionel messi, Wayne Rooney, and Pele scored more goals.

How many goal has messi scored in all competition in the 09-10 season?

Barcelona's number one player, " Lionel Messi" has scored 21 goals in the 2008-2009 but beating him with 2 points was Wayne Rooney with goals of 23 goals in this soccer season.

What does the average pro Mexican soccer player get paid?

120k a season

Who is the greatest soccer player in ayso?

Alberto marquina is the greatest player in ayso he scored 34 goals in one season.

How much is the highest number of goals in one league of uefa champions league in football-soccer and who scored it?

The highest number of goals in one Champions League is 17. The record was by achieved Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2013/14 season.

How many goals has Diego mardona scored?

he has scored none he is the worst soccer player in the history of soccer

Who is the soccer player that scored the larger number of goals in one month and when?

Pele. Visit his wikipedia profile. Scored over 1000 goals in his career.

How is soccer scored?

when there are two teams and the teams have to score on the opponents net and when they do it counts as one goal and so on you kick the ball into the net without the golie stopping it.

What is the most goals scored in high school soccer in a single season by an individual?

Dave Cohen 25 goals in a single season (1979) for UNLV