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The average mph for a softball high school freshman can range anywhere between 80 and 110 mph. If you are below this, you should focus on your bicep and forearm muscles.

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Q: What is the average miles per hour for a softball high school freshman?
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It depends on your speed, body, and the course you run. As a freshman you would be 22 and above, but it depends on you and it is a rough estimate. If you average 7 min miles then that is about where.

What is a competitive mile time for a male freshman in high school?

OK, for a freshman, if u want to get into a d3 or d2 college i would say about a 4:50 or 4:40. If u want to go to a good d1 school on a full scholarship, u might want a 4:30 as a freshman i would say upper 4's to low 5's

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Miles Head is a baseball player for Whitewater High School in Fayetteville, Georgia. He is a beast. He made the varsity team in his freshman year. copy and paste that into your browser and it will tell you about him.

What is the speed of an average 13 year old softball pitcher?

It shoud be 60-75 miles per hour. A good 13 year old should be in the low to mid 50's. An average 13 year old is in the mid 40's.

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The usual distance of a middle school cross country race is 1.9 - 2.3 miles. so about 2 miles.

How far does the average high school soccer player run per game?

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All time fastest girls softball pitch?

1.5 miles per hour. Maybe less.

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