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About 1.243 newtons

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Q: What is the average drag on a baseball?
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Which sports are explosive?

Badminton, Baseball, Hockey, Drag Racing, Nascar, and many others.

What did an MIT instructor add to a baseball bat to reduce its air drag by 60 percent?


What is the Average Salary for drag racer?

In drag racing, Larry Dixon is the highest paid individual. During the NHRA top fuel he earned a total of $1,371,000.

3 forms of drag?

Drag Queen Drag Racing Drag of a cigarette Helpful no?

Does a specific brand of baseball help a person throw faster?

no the brand of a baseball does not mater. when it comes to the ball, the laces will cause drag but you also need that drag for different kind of pitches. what does affect the speed is the weight of the ball. the drier the ball the lighter it is and the faster it will go. also the better the curve ball will be.

What is the average salary for a professinal baseball player?

30000,00.43 on average

How far can a baseball travel according to physics?

How far a baseball goes according to physics depends on how hard you through it. If you go of the Earth, things like drag and gravity affect this.

What is does avg mean in baseball?


How much does the average baseball player make?

3.4 million is the average as of 2012.

What does this is such a drag mean?

'It's such a drag' means that something really annoys you and troubles you and you dont like it, for e.g. school is such a drag or this exam is such a drag...

What does the baseball term drag mean?

Drag is a bunting term used mainly by left-handed batters. It is the act of bunting the ball while starting to run towards first base. Drag bunting is not a sacrifice bunt. If there are any runners on base and a batter drag bunts, the Official Scorer will not credit the batter with a sacrifice so long as he makes it obvious he is bunting for a single. It is the Official Scorer's decision whether or not a sacrifice is granted in a bunt.

What is in the stadium where there are drag races?

drag strip