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Somewhere around 375 ft.

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Q: What is the average distance to hit a baseball?
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When a base is hit the distance it will travel depends on its speed?

When a baseball is hit, the distance it will travel depends on its speed.

What is the average distance a 9 year old can hit a baseball?

An average 10 year old girl hits a softball about 15 to 25 feet.

In baseball is RBI the same as Batting Average?

no way rbi is runs batted in and batting average is your percentage of getting a hit

Who is domingo ayala?

the best baseball player.. ever he taught hank aaron to hit home runs and ted williams how to hit for average

What is the formula to find the average speed of a given distance and time?

Distance = time * average speed (velocity) Average speed = Distance/time

What is the highest baseball hitting average ever recorded?

For 1 season, it is Tip O'Neill, who hit for .485 in 1887,

What is the general distance a 6 iron golf club should hit a golf ball?

tiger woods 225 yards average 160

Does a baseball or a softball goes further if you hit it from the same distance?

no, thethe gravity of a baseball is bigger than a softball's. so baseball has more friction than softball. hence, if you hit both of them from the same speed ,baseball will go further than softball.

Average distance is 3 and average time is 2.40sec what is the average speed?

speed = distance/time = 3/2.4 = 1.25 distance units/second

What Japanese baseball player hit over 800 home runs for his career?

sadaharu oh, he hit 868 home runs with a .301 lifetime batting average

A man travels 10kmph first one third of distance 20kmph second one third and 60kmph third one third of distance find average distance?

It is not possible to compute the average distance from the information given. Average speed, yes; average distance, no.

What is the average distance of sun to the earth?

Average distance = 150,000,000 km or 93,000,000 mi