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5:12 seconds is the average time

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Q: What is the average cross country mileage for a 9 year old girl?
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What is a 5K run?

That depends ..... for high school girls (i know this cause i run cross country) i guess the average would be like 7:30 a mile. for guys, the average pace is like 6:30 a mile ... i think. I'm a girl so yeah.

Is an average boy faster than an average girl?

no. boys run faster due to the testosterone. guys have more muscle which allows them to run faster. although, a girl on a cross-country team will be faster than a couch potatoe. also, a taller girl may be faster than a shorter girl becaus a longer stride covers more distance. :)

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What is a good pace for a freshman girl in a cross country race?

it is good to be running a 22-25 minute race, considering it is 3 miles long

What is the best girl deodorant if your in Cross Country?

The best deodeorant for a girl is one of the "Degree Women" kind. The girls on my basketball team prefer to use "Old Spice" because it works the best. ("Old Spice" is for men.)

When was A Country Girl created?

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What is the sport for a 11 yeared girl?

softball, soccer, tennis, golf, bowling, diving, swimming, basketball, water sports, powder puff, cross country, track...

What is the average height of a 16 year old?

The average height of a 16 year old girl is 5'3 and the average weight is 55kg

What is the average 2 mile time of a 13 year old girl?

I ran cross country and the 13 year old boy on my team ran the 2 mile in about 9-10 minutes each time but he won every time too. His whole family are runners his life is pretty much running.

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