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Q: What is the average combined score in NCAA division 1 basketball championship game?
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Average total points scored in championship game?

The average total points scored in final division 1 NCAA men's basketball is between 128 and 145. This is the combined score of both teams.

Average salary of a Division 1 Basketball Coach?

not a dime back

How much does the average ticket cost for a division 1 college basketball game?

It depends what team and where you want to sit.

How much money do basketball players in Latin America?

The average salary of a basketball player in Latin America ranges from $1,500 per month for a fifth division player to $20,000 per month for a first division player. Some highly valued basketball players in Latin America can earn up to $50,000 per month.

Who was the leading scorer in college basketball in 1960?

Oscar Robertson of Cincinatti led division one with 1011 points and a 33.7 average.

Do the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament or the NFL playoffs have the most viewers not counting the championship games?

Loaded is where statistics can be used to prove anything. Per game average? NFL. Total viewers? NCAA basketball...there are more games.

How do you average your points in basketball?

how do average your points in basketball

What is the average height of a basketball player?

== == The average height of a basketball player is 6'6.

How many miles does the average basketball player run in a game?

An average basketball player runs about 5 miles in a basketball game!

What is the Average salary for basketball players in 2007?

What is the average salary for the nba basketball stars?

What is the average salary for a basketball player in Mexico?

What is the average pay for basketball players in mexico

Who is the NCAA basketball career scoring leader?

"Pistol" Pete Maravich is the all-time leading NCAA Division I scorer with 3,667 points and an average of 44.2 points per game.

What is the average price for a basketball?

The average price of a basketball is about $20.00. $15 for a good starter one, and up to $60 for a professional, quality basketball.

How big is an average indoor basketball court?

the average basketball court is 94 ft by 50ft

What is the average arena capacity for Division I basketball?

While some schools (Kentucky and Syracuse, among others) play in arenas that house over 20,000 spectators, most Division 1 teams play in arenas that seat 5,000-10,000 fans. Some smaller Division 1 schools may have home courts that barely hold 2,000.

How many miles to a gallon do you get on a 2007 Chrysler Sebring?

The 2.7L gets a combined average of 22mpg.The 2.7L gets a combined average of 22mpg.

What is the gas mileage for a 2004 2.4 Chrysler Sebring?

The estimated combined average is 22 mpg.The estimated combined average is 22 mpg.

How much money does the average basketball player earn in 10 years?

It would be difficult to determine the overall average salary of all professional basketball players in the world. However, a simple average can be determined. The lowest paid professional basketball players are the lowest paid players in the WNBA at $35,880. The highest paid player in the 2011 season is Kobe Bryant at $24,806,250. The simple average between these is $12,421,065. This is by no means an accurate depiction of what the average basketball player makes. Basketball is played around the world, and the NBA is the most prestigious, highest paying league. The WNBA has 12 teams, six in each division (East and West). There are 684 players (currently-2011) in the WNBA. The highest paid among them (Lisa Leslie) makes $103,500, so the average is $69,690 a year. An estimate of the worldwide average for all professional basketball players would be in the area of $100,00 a year or less US.

Average height of basketball player?

The average height of a basketball player is 6 feet 7.62 inches.

Average height of a basketball player?

Basketball players vary in size. For women, the average height is 5'8". For men, the average height is about 6'6".

Average basketball price?

The average basketball price for men or women is typically between $20 and $50. It isn't usual to pay more than that for the basic basketball that will meet all your basketball needs.

What is the average diameter of a basketball?

The average diameter of a standard issue basketball from the NBA is 29.5 inches. This gives it an inner diameter on average of 18 inches.

What player scored the most points in a season of college basketball?

Pete Maravich scored 1381 points in 1970 in 31 games for an average of 44.5 ppg. That is the NCAA Division One record for a single season.

What was the average salary of an NBA basketball player in 2006?

The average a basketball player will make in a year is 1 million dollars.

What is the average salary for a basketball player in Germany?

The average salary for a basketball player in Germany is, in U.S. dollars, $2 Million.