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Q: What is the average bat speed for a sixteen year old boy?
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What is the average bat speed of a sixteen year old?

20-30 mph

Is bat speed or bat weight more important in sixteen inch softball?

its the weight of the bat the heavier the bat the further the ball will go the same in fast pitch softball

Who has the fastest swing in baseball?

Last year Justin Upton recorded the fastest average speed off bat at 106.5 MPH.

What is the average speed of a ball coming off of a wooden bat?

That really depends on the speed of the baseball and the speed of the swing.

What is the average speed of a baseball when bunted?

Generally, the bat is placed to meet the ball and little or no energy is added at point of contact by the bat, so the speed would depend mostly on the speed of the pitch, and the angle the ball comes off the bat.

What powers do vapirers get and what age do they get them?

they have powers to turn in to a bat super speed hypnotising and hearing other peoples confersations and the get them at 1600 ( sixteen hundred )

What is a bat's average body temperature?

the average temperature of a bat is 48degress

How the bat speed is measured in cricket?

By Speed Radar !!

Who has the fastest baseball bat speed?

The Rangers Josh Hamilton with a bat speed of 110-115 mph.

When a bat hits a baseball which of the following is transferred from the bat to the ball?

Speed of bat x weight of bat is force applied against ball's speed times ball's weight.

How many babies doeos the average bat lay at once?

A bat can have 1 baby ina year, only 1 at time dude.

How does corking a baseball bat help a hitter?

Makes the bat lighter for greater bat speed

What does 120 mean on a slowpitch softball bat?

The maximum speed in which a softball can come off the bat at in mph. (The bat's composition or structure is designed to limit the speed of the ball off the bat to 120mph)

What would the value of 1982 signed cricket bat by Australia and England?

sixteen thousand

Does mass of a baseball bat affect the distance of the baseball?

Actually, I believe that a greater determinant of distance is bat speed. The greater the bat speed the further the ball will travel.

What is the length of an average baseball bat?

the average size of a baseball bat is approximately 3 Ft.

What is faster-bat speed or a pitchers speed?

it depends on the pitch speed and the batters swing.

Does the material of baseball bat matter?

Yes,the material has an effect on the speed of the ball.Actually,the speed of metal bat is faster than wood .

Which will hit the ball farther - a heavy or light baseball bat?

In general, a heavier bat will hit a ball further than a lighter bat. It all depends on the speed of the bat. There is more torque in heavier bat swung at the same speed as a lighter one.

What is the average weight of a Major League Baseball bat?

average weight of bat in major league baseball

Who has the fastest bat speed?

josh hamilton has the fastest bat swing with 110 mph

What is the speed of a Bat?

It depends on how hard you swing the bat Bat speed relates to how fast a ball will come off the bat. Composite bats are known to have significant improvement in their performance over time. Brand new a composite bat may have a bat of 95 mph but over time as the bat is broken in that same bat may have a bat speed of well over 100 mph. These bats and their performance level are under scrutiny as they are giving a distinct advantage to a hitter.

What does bpf stand for?

BPF is the Bat Performance Factor. When a bat is tested, it is fixed in a stationery position. A ball is launched at a high speed towards the barrel of the bat. When the ball bounces off of the bat, the speed is recorded to find out how much faster it goes when it comes off of the bat. That is how the BPF is calculated. If the ball comes off of the bat at the same speed, the BPF is 1.00 If the ball comes off of the bat 20% faster, the BPF is 1.20

Is the easton omen a good bat?

Yes it is a very good bat. It is the same bat as the Stealth Speed but is just BBCOR certified.

What is the average wingspan of a bat?

It is where you die