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The Olympic village is used for homing the participating athletes during the games.

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Q: What is the athlete Olympic Village used for?
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Do Olympic athlete pay money to eat while staying at the Olympic village?

no they go hungry for days

What is the name given to the place where the athletes live during the Olympic Games?

It is called the "Athlete's Village"

Where is the Olympic Village located?

The Olympic Village is in the city of London, in England, UK.

What is the simile for the rose petals are as delicate as...?

The rose petals are as delicate as an Olympic Athlete.

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Who was the greatest athlete at all times in Olympic history?

Obviously, J.C. Owens is the greatest athlete of all times in Olympic history.

How do you get to the Olympic Village?

in athens

Can anyone become an Olympic athlete?

Yes.Anyone can become an Olympic athlete.But he have to join in Olympic and win.

Famous Olympic athlete?

Sarah hughes

Who is the youngest olympic athlete?

Valerie ADAMS

How does a person get to be an Olympic athlete?

To train and get fit.

What is the average age of an Olympic athlete?

about 25

Plato was a olympic athlete was his specialty?


Who is acanthus of Sparta?

He is an ancient Olympic athlete

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Who is an Olympic athlete from Belarus?

Ekaterina Karsten

How long does it take to become an olympic athlete?

What characteristics does it take to become an athlete in canada

Where do the athletes live during the Olympic games?

In the Olympic Village.

Is Ray Allen a Olympic athlete?

Yes, he was on the 2000 US Olympic Basketball Team.

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Who is the oldest Olympic swimming athlete?

Fauja singh

Who was the first athlete to take the Olympic oath?

it was phiepideddes

Who is the most famous olympic athlete?

Michael Phelps.