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Marathon, Greece started the marathon by messengers jogging to and back and forth from Marathon Greece and other cities; hence the name marathon.

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Q: What is the association between marathon Greece and other marathon races?
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What is the association of marathons with modern marathon races?

Greece started the marathon by messengers jogging back and forth from marathon, Greece and other cities. But today's modern marathons have 3 part names : Lead Sponsor, Location, and Marathon .

Who were going against each other in the battle of marathon?

The Battle of Marathon, August/September 490 BC, gave Greece a victory over Persia.

Interneurons or association neurons are?

Interneurons or association neurons are connector neurons that establish connections between other neurons.

Is there a city named Marathon?

There is Marathon,Ontario. Located North shore of Lake Ontario, mid-way between Sault Ste.Marie and Thunder bay here is a Marathon town in NY. state (founded Harrison in 1818, changed name to Marathon in 1828). Also some other communities in NY. are called Marathon

What is the difference between aggregation and association in DBMS?

AssociationAssociation is a relationship between two objects. In other words, association defines the multiplicity between objects. You may be aware of one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many all these words define an association between objects. Aggregation is a special form of association. Composition is a special form of aggregation.Example: A Student and a Faculty are having an association.AggregationAggregation is a special case of association. A directional association between objects. When an object 'has-a' another object, then you have got an aggregation between them. Direction between them specified which object contains the other object. Aggregation is also called a "Has-a" relationship.

How long is the Nashville marathon?

if you are refering to the music city marathon, it is 26.2 miles, the same as any other marathon. the marathon was yesterday and it was mostly fantastic, despite unseasonably hot weather conditions. if you are refering to the music city marathon, it is 26.2 miles, the same as any other marathon. the marathon was yesterday and it was mostly fantastic, despite unseasonably hot weather conditions.

How much is a euro in Greece?

A Euro in Greece has the same value as Euros of other countries that use it. It is a common currency between them.

What is the type of association between animals and plants?

The type of association between animal and plant can be described as an interdependent relationship. This means that they both need each other in order to survive.

What is an association between two organisms in which one is benefited and the other nether benefited nor harmed?

The association between two organisms in which one is benefited and the other neither benefited nor harmed is called commensalism. This is a symbiotic relationship.

What is intraspecific association?

Intraspecific association is a relationship between members of the same species. When resources are limited, the members will fight each other for control.

What took place between Greece and other countries such as Egypt?

Trade, warfare.

When is the 2014 Disney Marathon Weekend taking place?

The 2014 Disney Marathon Weekend is taking place between the Januar 8-January 12 in 2014. Besides the full marathon lenght there are also several other runs to take apart of, like the 10k run.

Are people from Greece Caucasian?

In ancient Greece, they were Caucasian. However under the Turkish invasions, there were much intermarriage between Turks and other groups.

Why is the London marathon 26.219miles?

Because it is the same distance as all other official marathon races.

What is the minimum distance of a marathon?

A marathon is a fixed distance of 26.2 miles. Any other distance, whether shorter or longer, can not be properly called a marathon.

What are the possible reasons for a correlation between two variables?

Chance association, (the relationship is due to chance) or causative association (one variable causes the other).

What is a tri marathon?

a tri marathon usaully is a run, cycle and swim or any other 3 sports

Where can I buy a marathon map online?

You can find the item in question which is marathon map online and a couple other websites. You can specifically find marathon maps on or modells.

What group is commensalism?

It is not a group but an association between two organisms in which one is benefited but other is unaffected .

What is a bike marathon called?

There is no official term. The nearest you could get would be "bikeathon" and to be roughly equivalent to a marathon, it would need to be at least 100 miles or 160km. A marathon is a running race, named after the distance reputedly run after a battle in ancient Greece to deliver a message to Athens that the battle at marathon (25 miles/40kms away) had been won. The race was introduced for the first time at the modern olympics and then standardised to 26 miles & 385 yards (42.195km) after 1921. The term marathon is often misappropriated to uses other than running, to indicate anything long or demanding of endurance. All of these other uses, including biking, have no standard definition and are slang or common usages. A bike marathon has no official name because there is no bike marathon distance.

Time difference between greece and california?

Greece is ten hours ahead of California an average of 341 days per year. On the other 24 days per year, Greece is nine hours ahead.

What is a close association of nations or other groups?

A closed association of nations or other groups

Where are famous marathons run?

The five marathon "majors" are Boston, Berlin, Chicago, London and New York. Other, but by no means an exaustive list, marathons that have large participation include the Marine Corp Marathon, LA Marathon and the Paris Marathon.

What is the difference between trust and Association of persons?

Trust refers having faith of full confidence in somebody. An association of persons on the other hand refers to formal grouping of people.

How might the Greece have changed if the Persians had succeeded at Marathon?

Eretria and Athens would have been placed under control of a local tyrant to keep them quiet, and the other city-states in mainland Greece would have been cautious of meddling in the Greek city-states in Asia Minor within the Persian Empire.

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