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It is usually called Greens. heard of the phrase "I'm hitting the greens today" it means he's playing Golf today.

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Fairway, but also rough.

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Q: What is the area of short grass surrounding the hole in golf?
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What kind of area is needed for golf?


Is Aberdeen in Scotland a golf course?

There are many golf courses in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

What is the Name of grass that golfers play on?

Golf involves various types of surface. The area around the hole is the finest quality, the shortest and the best maintained and is known as "the green". The area from the tee-off point to the green is known as 'the fairway' and is kept short, but not as short as the green. Other parts of the course are 'managed' but not quite 'maintained'... the grass can be quite high and there can be trees and/or other plants.... this is known as 'the rough'. There is a huge amount of variety in grass types and the types used on golf courses varies by area and by preference of the management of each club.

What is the area called between the tee box and the green where the grass is mowed golf?


Where are some popular golf holiday spots in the Yukon?

A popular golf spot in the Yukon is, Mountain View Golf Club. It can be found close to the Yukon river with a challenging golf course layout and a great view of the surrounding area.

In which sport would you aim for a 'green'?


In golf what is an apron?

the apron is the area around the green, the grass in the apron is shorter than the fairway and longer than the green

What is a tee?

It's the little stand that you put a golf ball on before hitting it.

What is a rough golfing area?

The rough is the area on the golf course either side of the fairway around the greens and tee boxes where the grass is slightly and sometimes a lot longer.

What does apron mean in golf?

The apron is the area between the green and fairway, it is usually cut very short.

What is the green in golf?

Lawn/grass that is mown.

Are bent grasses the most common type of grass used on golf courses?

Yes, bent grasses are the most common type of grass used on golf courses. This is a desirable grass for golf course tees, fairways and greens due to their texture and quality. There are more than 100 species belonging to this grass family.