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Squirts are 9 and 10 year olds. If your child is good enough he can leave mite early (under 8 year olds) and go to play squit. Right now in 2009 players who were born in 1999 and 1998 are sqirts. Obviessly next year it will need to be kids who were born in 1999 and 2000. It does not matter when your birthday is as long as you are born in the right year.

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USA Hockey age classifications per the 2009-2011 rules:

8 & under (Mite)

10 & under (Squirt)

12 &under (Pee Wee)

14 & under (Bantam)

16 & under (Midget)

18 & under (Midget)

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Squirts are 10 and under, and will not turn 11 until at least January first in the middle of the season.

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The child may not turn 11 before January 1st

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Q: What is the age limit in squirt youth hockey?
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