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Fifteen years of age. (15 YOA)

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Q: What is the age limit for midjet 1 hockey players?
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Wen do ice hockey players retire?

At what age do ice hockey players retire

What is the ice hockey age limit?

There's no true "age limit." It truly depends on how well your body can maintain the physical affect of hockey.

What is the age limit for midget hockey?

In USA hockey (I think in Canada, as well), there is Midget 16U (15 and 16) and Midget 18U (17 and 18). Players can play up an age level but cannot play down an age level.

What is the age limit to play college hockey?

18 years old to play hockey

What is the Age limit for world junior hockey?


What age are junior hockey players?

junior hockey is anybody under 20 years old

Average age of college hockey players?

anywhere from 16 to 22

What is the age range of field hockey players?

Field hockey players range in age from 5 to 50 and beyond in most areas of the world. There are international tournaments played for by age groups from at least as young as Under-16 up to Masters (50+).

Is there a age limit for pro soccer?

There is no age limit for a professional soccer player. Most players usually carry on playing soccer in their forties. However many players usually retire when they are below 40.

Is there an age limit to wcg ultimate gamer?

There isn't an age limit to enter the World Cyber Games but most players retire after they turn 25. There aren't many players older than 20.

What does 16AA mean in junior hockey?

16AA is a level of Midget hockey under USA Hockey, meaning the age limit, and the level of play, AA being a high level

What age are Canadian novice level hockey players?

7 and 8 year olds

What is the minimum age for major league baseball players?

There is no age limit if the player demonstrates the skill to play.

What is the age limit for women soccer players in Olympic Games?

18 and older

How old are junior c hockey players?

Typically between 17 and 18 years of age.

Is junior hockey hurting prep school hockey?

junior hockey is the wave of the future. more premier players are moving away from prep and high school hockey because they dont have to deal with the politics associated with high school hockey. one example: a senior game. often, seniors are not the best players ona team but they get to play because it is their last game. juniors hockey eliminates age brackets and separates players the way they should be separated: by skill level.

What is the age limit for squirt hockey for 2011-2012?

The child may not turn 11 before January 1st

What is the age limit for mens soccer players in Olympic Games?

The national teams are limited to players under 23 years of age, with three slots available for veterans 23 or older.

What is the maximum age limit for the olympic soccer players?

I believe it is 23 years old and younger.

What is the age limit of a profesional soccer player?

From a rules standpoint, there is no age limit. There are almost no players who play beyond their thirties. Pele played well into his late thirties, at the end of his career, in the U.S.

What is the age group for bantom hockey players or goalies?

Bantam hockey players are usually in the age range of 13-14. Players younger than 13 can "play up", however, if the team or organization deems them to be a good enough player. A player older than 14 cannot "play down" unless they turned 15 during or after a specified point in the season.

Can you edit the a players age in fifa 2009?

yes you can, just edit their date of birth. there might be a limit on how many players you can edit... don't know.

How old do you have to be to work at a flea market?

there is no age limit but the average age limit is 20 years of age there is no age limit but the average age limit is 20 years of age

How long is the hockey game?

well pro games are 1 hour and youth leagues are less depending on the age of the players.

Is there a hockey school for 21 year olds?

There is no age limit for hockey schools, you just cant be over 40 and have to be older than 18!!!!!! That rule applies in every state in every country