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I Play hockey arena football and Baseball ya bru I got swag and skills

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Q: What is the advantage of saving a document?
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File name extension for saving HTML document?

hello, i am ansu. i want to know "what extension we want to use for saving HTML document".

What is the keyboard shortcut for saving a document document?

CTRL+S for most Windows-standard programs.

What does saving docments on a computer mean?

When you want to make changes to a document, you need to be able to keep those changes around. This is known as saving. When you save a document, it writes the contents of that document to the hard drive for use later on.

What is the hot key for saving a document on a Mac?


What is the effect of saving a document on the desktop?

It takes up space each time you save a document or anything.

Can you recover unsaved changes to a Microsoft Word document?

If you have closed the document without saving it, then new changes are gone.

The default name of an Excel document before saving it?

Book1.xls is the default name for a new document in Excel.

The advantage of saving a word file as a txt document is that?

A plain text (.txt) file can be opened by any text based software so if the recipients do not have the Word software they can still read the text file.

What is the hot key for saving a document on a desk top?

Ctrl + s

When saving a document for the FIRST time you would click on the?

save button

What does saving a document in pdf do?

Saving a document in PDF will result in a PDF (Portable Document Format) document that can viewed on any computer system, without the need for the recipient to have a copy of the original software such as Word, while retaining its original formatting and layout - which can otherwise sometimes become corrupted when passed to other computer systems.

What are some disadvantages of labor saving devices?

Advantage and disadvantage of labour saving devices

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