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Q: What is the address of the University of Mississippi football stadium?
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When was the last Mississippi State University beat University of Alabama in football?

November 10, 2007 at Davis Wade Stadium

What is the University of Virginia Football Stadium Called?

Scott Stadium.

What is the name of the University of Kentucky's football stadium?

Common Wealth Stadium

What is University of Alabama's Football Stadium called?

Bryant-Denny Stadium.

What is the Address for university of Arizona stadium?


What is the seating capacity of University Idaho's football stadium?

during a football game the stadium can hold up to 18,000 people

What is the name of the football stadium at University of Florida?

The Swamp!

What is the name of the football team at the University of Kansas?

The name of the football team at the University of Kansas is "Jayhawks". Their first season was back in 1890. Their home stadium is called "Memorial Stadium".

What stadium holds more people Ohio State or Tennessee?

The Ohio State football stadium has a larger official capacity than the University of Tennessee football stadium. The University of Tennessee's football stadium has an official capacity of 102,455. The record attendance is 109,061 on September 18, 2004 for a Tennessee - Florida football game. The Ohio State University football stadium has an official capacity of 104,944. The record attendance is 108,975 on November 21, 2015 for a Ohio - Michigan State football game.

What is the name of the louisiana state university football stadium in baton rouge louisiana?

tiger stadium

What was the first enclosed football stadium in America?

Syracuse university

Can you buy beer at University of Houston football stadium?


What is the address to Camp Randall Stadium?

The Camp Randall Stadium is the Wisconsin Badgers football team home stadium. It was completed in the year 1917. The address to the stadium is 1440 Monroe Street, Madison, Wisconsin.

When a university decides to add to the football stadium instead of adding to the baseball stadium if faces?

50,000 feet

What is the oldest big ten football stadium?

Camp Randall Stadium at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, WI.

How many seats does university of central Florida football stadium have?

40,000 +

Where is the Commonwealth Stadium located?

Commonwealth Stadium is located in Lexington, Kentucky. The stadium is located on the campus of the University of Kentucky and is home to the schools football team.

Who was the First football team to call their stadium Death Valley?

Clemson University!

What is Biggest NCAA football stadium in the US?

University of Michigan (in Ann Arbor)

What side is home at Aloha Stadium?

University of Hawaii's Warriors ''football team''

How many seats does USC football stadium have?

The University of Southern California Trojan Stadium is called the Coliseum and there 93,607 seats.

What is the newest college football stadium?

TCF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers

What is the football stadium at Michigan state University called?

Spartan Stadium. Opened in '23. Current capacity around 75,000.

What is the second oldest college football stadium?

I'm almost certain that Mississippi State University's Scott Field is the second oldest Division 1-A stadium.

How many fans does University of Louisville Football stadium hold?

Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium sits 55,000 for Football. The Louisville Soccer Program does not play at the football stadium and instead plays at its own facility Called Cardinal Park which seats 3,500.