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Please,i wish to post calenders and t shirts to some players

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Chelsea Football Club

Stamford Bridge

Fulham Road



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Chelsea Football Club is called Chelsea Football club.

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Fulham, West London, England

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Q: What is the address of Chelsea football club?
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When was Chelsea football club formed?

Chelsea Football Club was formed in 1905

What football team is better Chelsea football club or Liverpool?


What is the list of management structure for Chelsea football club starting with roman abramovich?

Owner of Chelsea football club

Is Chelsea football club among richest football clubs in the world?

Yes Chelsea football club is the top ten richest clubs.

What is Chelsea Football Club's boss's official fan email address?

This has never been released to the public, and I doubt it will.

What is Chelsea TV dedicated to?

Chelsea TV is dedicated to fans of the English Premier League football club known as the Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea TV is a British based subscription channel.

Is Chelsea a team?

Yes. They are known as Chelsea Football Club, which is shortened to Chelsea F.C.

Which club is owned by roman abhramovich?

Chelsea Football Club

What colour uniform does Chelsea football club put on at home?

Chelsea Football Club wears a dark blue at home (Stamford Bridge).

When was the Chelsea Football Club founded?

The Chelsea Football Club was founded over a century ago. Chelsea F.C. was founded in 1905; they are a very successful team from Fulham, London.

Which football club does lampard play?


Do you like Chelsea football club?